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Crown Medical International, Inc.

Gary Benitez, President
DOTmed user prior to August 2001

20-20 129th Street
Suite 3018
Beechhurst, NY 11356 USA
Phone: +1 (718) 746-3376
Gary Benitez, President
Phone:+1 (718) 746-3376

OEC 9600 C-Arm Wanted

Looking for a 9600 in any condition. Working or not. We have lot's of orders and can buy at least two at this time. Please... view more

January 29  

PHILIPS BV 300 C-Arm For Sale

1997 Philips BV 300 Refurbished! Dual Monitors 9" Image Intensifier 200 Image Storage Foot... view more

January 29  

ATL HDI 1000 OB / GYN - Vascular Ultrasound For Sale

ATL HDI 1000 Ultrasound 1998 Applications; Vascular, Small Parts, Prostate, OB-GYN, Gynecology, Description; High definition Digital, Broadband Beam-former, Cine-loop, Color duplex (option), Hi-Q... view more

January 29  

PHILIPS HD-15 Shared Service For Sale

Philips HD-15 Shared Ultrasound System 2012 Cardiac and OB/GYN Applications, Software Level 3.0.1, DICOM, Printer, Under Service Contract with Philips, Transducers, C5-202H55X, D2.0ccwBO13RK, L12-3... view more

January 29  

PHILIPS MD Eleva (MultiDiagnost Eleva) Universal RF Rad/Fluoro Room For Sale

Philips MultiDiagnost Eleva Universal R/F 2007 MultiDiagnost Eleva - Adapting to the way you work Click on the image to enlarge Back to top Great innovation for multiple applications Providing... view more

January 29  

SIEMENS Allegra 3.0T MRI Scanner For Sale

3T MRI head Scanner designed for brain research Increased signal-to-noise ratio and BOLD-effect due to 3T field strength. Reduced susceptibility-based distortions in single-shot EPI due to... view more

January 29  

MR RESOURCES 240-100 Aluminum Stretcher For Sale

MR Resources Aluminum MRI Stretcher #240-100 This heavy-duty, all aluminum non-magnetic stretcher is an ideal unit for MRI patient transport. Finished in attractive white powder coat, it comes... view more

January 29  

ADAC GENESYS Nuclear Gamma Camera For Sale

1992 ADAC GENESYS Dual Head Nuclear Camera SPECT Camera, Collimators: LEGP Low Energy General Purpose, LEHS Low Energy High Sensitivity, 120V, 20 Amp, Good Working Condition! Please contact us... view more

January 29  

OEC 9800 C-Arm For Sale

Looking for 9800's in any condition. Please contact us if you have one available. ... view more

January 29  

PHILIPS Multi Diagnost Eleva Remote R/F Room For Sale

2007 Multi Diagnost Eleva Remote R/F Room Please contact us for pricing and pictures. ... view more

January 29  

ADAC Vertex SPECT Camera For Sale

Philips/ADAC Vertex EPIC Gamma Camera Overview The Philips Vertex EPIC is a digital nuclear medicine camera. The Vertex EPIC is a variable angle gamma camera utilizing large field of view dual... view more

January 29  

NORLAND Eclipsetm Bone Densitometer For Sale

Norland Eclipse DEXA Bone Densitometer 1997 Pencil Beam Format, 6 Foot Table, UNIX Operating System, Studies: Dual Unilateral Hip and AP Lumbar Spine Testing, Left Hip, Right Hip, AP Spine, LVA... view more

January 29  
January 29