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Gopher Medical, Inc.

Trust..that what it all comes down to

Steve Ziegenhagen, Owner/Biomedical Engineer
DOTmed user since July 2012

225 West 1st Street
Waconia, MN 55387 USA
Phone: +1 (844) 246-7437
Steve Ziegenhagen, Owner/Biomedical Engineer
Phone:+1 (844) 246-7437
Catherine Ziegenhagen, Secretary
Phone:+1 (612) 801-3173

PHILIPS M3001A opt.A1C06 Module For Sale

Philips MMS Module M3001AA01C06. Gopher Medical also stocks the following: M3001AA03C06 (Masimo) M3001AA01C06 (Philips) M3001AA02C06 (Nellcor/Oximax) M3001AA04C06 Oximax All MMS are Biomed Tested,... view more

January 26  

PHILIPS M3001A Opt.A03C06 Module For Sale

Philips M3001AA03C06 MMS Module with Masimo and C06 Over 100 in stock and Biomed Certified We are a Philips Authorized Medical Distributor We also stock M3001AA01C06 (Philips) ... view more

January 26

Asking Price:
$1,794 USD


PHILIPS MP30 Anesthesia H30 Monitor For Sale

Available for RENTAL or SALE! Philips MP30 Patient Monitor only with Anesthesia H30 software. We are a Philips Medical Authorized Distributor. We also stock the M1019A G5 Gas Module, M3015A ETC02... view more

January 26

Asking Price:
$1,494 USD


PHILIPS M1116B Recorder Recorder For Sale

New Style Philips M1116B Recorder Module. We have many in stock, Biomed tested with warranty.,... view more

January 26  

GE MAC5000 EKG For Sale

GE MAC 5000 "New-Style" patient-ready, 12SL, and color display Optional Trolley Patient-ready to include the following: (1) Acquisition cable (1) Lead-wire set (10 leads) (1) CAM 14... view more

January 26  

GE Tram 451M Module For Sale

GE Tram 451M, 451N and 851N in stock and in excellent condition. Multiple units in stock. We also stock GE Pro... view more

January 26

Asking Price:
$697 USD


PHILIPS M1350B XM50 Fetal Monitor For Sale

Complete with all Accessories,available for RENTAL or SALE! Patient Ready Philips M1350B XM50 Fetal Monitor. Includes accessories: Ultrasound (2) TOC0, NIBP Hose and Cuff, SP02 Sensor and Remote... view more

January 26  

PHILIPS TC70 with over 40 in stock now EKG For Sale or Rent

We have over 40 Philips TC70's EKG available for RENTAL or SALE. We are a Philips Medical Authorized Distributor with Call for volume discounts The system will include: (1) Refurbished Philips... view more

January 26

Asking Price:
$3,500 USD

Rent For $500 per month

PHILIPS M3176C Recorder For Sale

Philips Central Station Recorder Module. Biomed tested with 1 year warranty... view more

January 26  

PHILIPS Suresigns VS3 Bedside Monitor For Sale or Rent

Philips SureSigns VS3 with NIBP, SP02 and TEMP Includes: New NIBP Hose and Adult Cuff, and SP02 Finger Sensor, TEMP Probe and power cord Biomed Tested with 90 day Warranty. We have over 30 in... view more

January 26

Asking Price:
$994 USD

Rent For $300 per month

PHILIPS MP30 Recorder Kits complete Recorder For Sale

Philips MP30 recorder kits complete in stock. Includes Recorder, interface board with ribbon cable and recorder mount. Cost 400 Biomed certified with a 30 day warranty ... view more

January 26

Asking Price:
$400 USD


PHILIPS IntelliVue MP70 with M3001A MMS module Monitor For Sale

Philips IntelliVue MP70 Monitor with M3001A MMS Module. $1,194 Biomed Certified with 30 day warranty. Biomed Certified with a 30 day warranty Some may have small scratches on the screens but... view more

January 26

Asking Price:
$1,294 USD


PHILIPS M2604A Receiver Housing Telemetry For Sale

Philips M2604A Housing with M2603A Receiver... view more

January 26  
January 26

Asking Price:
$100 USD


PHILIPS M2601A with SP02 Telemetry For Sale

Philips M2601A Transmitters with SPO2 Biomed... view more

January 26

Asking Price:
$100 USD