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Cervius Medical

Dan Kongsted, CEO
DOTmed user since August 2011

Flaesketorvet 26-28
Copenhagen V, DK-1711 Denmark
Phone: +45 21633908
Dan Kongsted, CEO
Phone:+45 21633908

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GE Vivid S5 Cardiac - Vascular Ultrasound For Sale

GE Vivid S5 from 2011. Probes and warranty at additional price.... view more

November 13

Asking Price:
€8,000 EUR


ALPINION E-cube 7 OB / GYN Ultrasound For Sale

Alpinion E-cube 7 from december 2015 with sw 4.4 with EC3-10 & VC1-6... view more

November 10  

GE Logiq E9 OB / GYN - Vascular Ultrasound For Sale

GE Logiq E9 BT11 used. DOM 2009 with BT11 at 6.000 euro DOM 2012 with BT11 at 8.000 euro Probes available at additional price. Full options upgrade possible at additional price. ... view more

November 09

Asking Price:
€6,000 EUR


GE E8 OB / GYN - Vascular Ultrasound For Sale

Voluson E8 BT13 HD - new, refurbished or used. All options Active 3 NEW Probes (RAB6-D, IC5-9-D, 11L-D) 90-Day Warranty Other probes on request. Applications Abdominal, OB-GYN, Small Parts,... view more

November 09  

GE FPA Ultrasound Transducer For Sale

GE prober for FOR SYSTEM 5/VIVID: FPA 2.5 1C PEDIATRIC CARDIAC 14MM FOR SYSTEM 5/VIVID 5 (P/N: KW100002) Part number: 10.0FPA SN 15187 DLM-5-260P 1999 FPA 2A PN: KG100001 SN: 11724 2001... view more

November 09

Asking Price:
$500 USD


ECHOSON Pinit Urology For Sale

Echoson Pinit Bladderscanner complete with trolley and printer. Demo models. DKO/SW.... view more

November 09

Asking Price:
$4,000 USD


PHILIPS D2CWC Ultrasound Transducer For Sale

Dedicated 2 MHz continuous wave Doppler. Explora connector with exceptional broadband response and new cable technology that is extremely flexible and lightweight. Systems that use this transducer:... view more

November 09

Asking Price:
$2,000 USD


GE i12L Ultrasound Transducer For Sale

Pre-owned item: DOM 2006. Compatible with: ultrasound transducer is compatible with Logiq 9, 7 & S6 ultrasound systems. Applications: utilized for several applications including Intraoperative... view more

November 09

Asking Price:
$500 USD


GE 3C- RS Ultrasound Transducer For Sale

Logiq Book, Logiq Book XP, Vivid i 3 month warranty.... view more

November 09

Asking Price:
$900 USD


GE Logiq P3 OB / GYN - Vascular Ultrasound For Sale

New Logiq P3. A smart new shape and more convenient operation make it a system that is well-suited for multiple clinical settings—including women’s health, shared services, surgical applications,... view more

November 09  

GE Logiq A5 OB / GYN - Vascular Ultrasound For Sale

New LOGIQ A5 - Well-suited for urology, tools include soft tissue image analysis of the kidneys, bladder, penis, testicles, and prostate. Probes on request.... view more

November 09  

GE 4D8C Ultrasound Transducer For Sale

GE 4D8C - IN EXCELLENT CONDITION - 90 Day Warranty Neonatal, Pediatrics 32 x 29 mm - 3.5 - 9.0 MHz - 120° Volume:120° x 90° Compatible with: GE Logiq S6 and GE Logiq 7 ... view more

November 09

Asking Price:
$1,500 USD


PHILIPS Ie33 Xmatrix Shared Service For Sale

Both Shared Services, Gyn/Ob and Cardiac solutions are available from different manufacturing years. Ask for pricing for the requested unit and probes. DKO. iE33 Shared Services: • 21" LCD... view more

November 09  

SAMSUNG-MEDISON Accuvix A30 Shared Service For Sale

Samsung’s Accuvix A30 Ultrasound System establishes a new benchmark for state-of-the-art imaging. Offering features such as the proprietary EZ Exam™ and ElastoScan™, this system facilitates clinical... view more

November 09