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Raynor Shine Ent

Bruce Raynor, Proprietor
DOTmed user since August 2010

302 Birch Park Estates
51247 RR 231
Sherwood Park, Alberta T8B1K7 Canada
Phone: +1 7804675448
Bruce Raynor, Proprietor
Phone:+1 7804675448

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This soft laser device includes one single diode wand with a meridian locator. The stylus probe has no specifications or P/N on it. The Top 30 and Dosimetric lasers seen in the pictures are... view more

March 30

Asking Price:
$249 USD


WELCH ALLYN Battery holder 25020 Otoscope Wanted

Looking for battery holders to fit current pocketscope Otoscope and other examination lights in the 250000 P/N range. I have the plug end cover/collar part that connects to these. There is no P/N... view more

March 30  

WELCH ALLYN rechargable 24000 Otoscope For Sale

Price includes self-contained rechargable handle with NEW batteries, otoscope head P/N 24000 and case. The battery was just installed. The handle and head work well together. There are no issues... view more

March 30

Asking Price:
$125 USD


MARQUETTE TRAM-net hub Module For Sale

This TRAM-net hub connector is used to connect TRAM-Rac units to a remote control and Tramscope, Solar 7000 & 8000 series monitors via Async and 9 pin Hercules type ports. The cables seen in pic 2... view more

March 30

Asking Price:
$25 USD


PENLON Nuffield 200 Ventilator with Pediatric Newton Valve Anesthesia Machine For Sale

This pneumatically driven ventilator appears to have seen considerable use, but appears complete and serviceable. It will require normal maintenance and calibration before being put back into... view more

March 30

Asking Price:
$500 USD


STRYKER 1080 Fluoroscopy Procedural Stretcher Stretcher For Sale

This stretcher has no evident functional or cosmetic issues other than normal, minor surface scratches consistent with moderate to light clinical use. Options included are a set of articulating or... view more

March 29

Asking Price:
$1,999 USD


PHILIPS RESPIRONICS Remstar Pro / Plus with C-FLEX CPAP For Sale

We have two models of this legacy era C-PAP, 1005961 (Pro) and 1005960 (Plus). The Pro model has provision for Smartcard data recording, while the Plus does not. The models are otherwise the same... view more

March 29

Asking Price:
$125 USD


BAIR HUGGER 505 Patient Warmer For Sale

We have one high hour functional 505 warmer left in stock. The blower and heater element work well and there is no damage on the unit's housing or to the hose latches. The membrane on the top of... view more

March 28

Asking Price:
$345 USD


PENTAX LH-150PC with G I Pump Light Source For Sale

This moderately used light source & pump unit is in good working order. It is ten years old. The hours on the lamp are not known, but it appears bright. The pump is also strong. There are no... view more

March 28

Asking Price:
$175 USD


PENTAX AT-OF Adapter For Sale

This came with with an Olympus LS-2 training kit. It has 2 parts, the Olympus side of which fits the endoscope side of the LS-2 unit. In pic 3, it is the piece on the right with 5 pins. These are... view more

March 28

Asking Price:
$50 USD


ABBOTT LABS LifeCare 4100 PCA + Pump PCA For Sale

This LifeCare PCA Plus II Infuser model 4100 pump appears in good working order. It complete self-tests without error, has a bright and complete display, an unblemished keypad and no cracks in the... view more

March 28

Asking Price:
$45 USD


PENTOTECH Laborie LS-2MH STORZ Light Source For Sale

Works well using easy to find EZG & EJV lamps. It has one halogen and one metal halide lightsource with independent dimmer controls as well as a light meter (photometer) to measure the integrity of... view more

March 28

Asking Price:
$75 USD


SPACELABS Burdick 850i EKG For Sale

SpaceLabs model ECL 850 with new battery. Burdick 007704 Trunk & Leads avaialble for an additional $125 with purchase of this EKG. Payment by PAYPAL, MasterCard or VISA. This instrument records and... view more

March 28

Asking Price:
$199 USD


OLYMPUS CLE-10 OLE Halogen Light Source For Sale

This unit powers up and responds to controls. There is no damage to the case, scope port or control covers. It does indicate a fault on power up which seems to be the lamp. It is priced... view more

March 28

Asking Price:
$99 USD


MILLIPORE MiniTan filtration System For Sale

This is a university lab surplus ultra filtration membrane tangential flow system. There are a few scratches on the metal top plate, but otherwise it is in very good condition. The Minitan Ultra... view more

March 28

Asking Price:
$140 USD