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Vision Equipment Inc

Serving the Eye Care Professional

Leo Hadley Jr, President
DOTmed user since June 2014

11407 Challenger Ave.
Odessa, FL 33556 USA
Phone: +1 (855) 776-2020
Leo Hadley Jr, President
Phone:+1 (855) 776-2020

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GOLDMAN 870 Tonometer / Tono-Pen For Sale

Goldmann 870 Applanation Tonometer The 870 Style Applanation Tonometer fits most ZEISS style slit... view more

April 05  

KEELER All Pupil II Tonometer / Tono-Pen For Sale

Light, bright and easy to use All Pupil II is based on the designs of the number one selling All Pupil indirect. Look out for the new features designed to make your examination easier and more... view more

April 05  

GOLDMAN 900 Applanation Tonometer Tonometer / Tono-Pen For Sale

Goldmann 900 Applanation Tonometer The Goldmann 900 Applanation Tonometer fits most Haag Streit style slit... view more

April 05  

REICHERT AT 550/555 Auto Non Contact Tonometer / Tono-Pen For Sale

Reichert AT550 Non Contact Tonometer Softest Air Puff and Quiet Operation The AT550 has the softest air puff available today. And with its enhanced silent operation, it is truly a patient friendly... view more

April 05  

CLEMENT CLARKE MKII Tonometer / Tono-Pen For Sale

Clement Clarke Perkins MKII Tonometer The Perkins hand-held tonometer has been established for well over 20 years as a "world standard" for hand held applanation tonometers. Goldmann Standards Based... view more

April 05  

REICHERT CT210 Tonometer / Tono-Pen For Sale

Reichert CT210 Contact Tonometer The CT210 mounts on any compact-style slit lamp, the measurement arm swings down into position when IOP readings are required. The CT210 is permanently mounted and... view more

April 05  

TOPCON CT-80 Tonometer / Tono-Pen For Sale

The Topcon Non Contact CT-80 Computerized Tonometer makes intraocular pressure measurements easier and more comfortable than ever before. It features a 30% faster measurement time, a triple patient... view more

April 05  

TOPCON CT-60 Tonometer / Tono-Pen For Sale

The Topcon CT-60 Non Contact Computerized Tonometer provides an extremely accurate tonometer reading. This instrument has been redesigned from its predecessor CT20, to make intraocular pressure... view more

April 05  

DIATON Tonometer / Tono-Pen For Sale

Diaton tonometer is a handheld device that measures IOP through the eyelid & completely satisfies present-day requirements of diagnostic equipment. Nowadays transpalpebral scleral tonometry has... view more

April 05  

REICHERT 7CR Tonometer / Tono-Pen For Sale

Reichert 7CR Non-Contact Tonometer The Reichert 7CR from Reichert Technoligies utilizes a patented bi-directional applanation process to characterize the biomechanical properties of the cornea and... view more

April 05  

NIDEK NT-510 Tonometer / Tono-Pen For Sale

Marco Nidek 510 Non Contact Tonometer The NT-510 Non-Contact Tonometer is easy to use with automatic alignment and measurement. The auto-tracking function allows the operator to instantly align and... view more

April 05  

OPTOS Daytona Plus Fundus Camera For Sale

Optos Daytona Plus includes Table, Tablet, Server, Installation in 48... view more

April 05  


Topcon 3D OCT-1 Maestro Optical Coherence Tomography and Fundus Camera Only 1 Year Old, Manufacture date 4/2019 Includes Table, Dell All in One PC, Imagenet 6 ***FINANCING AVAILABLE*** ... view more

April 05  

TOPCON KR-8000PA Autorefractor Keratometer For Sale

The tri-functional KR-8000PA Auto Refractor Keratometer Topographer combines an auto-refractor, an auto-keratometer, and a computerized color corneal mapping system all in a single, compact unit.... view more

April 05  

SANTINELLI 7070 Optical Laboratory Wanted

Buying used Santinelli Edgers, All Models. If you are upgrading to a new lens edger, or no longer using your Santinelli, Please contact us for a bid... view more

April 05