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WebStore for Medical Laser Resources LLC

Medical Laser Resources LLC

Alison Bouck, President
DOTmed user since April 2009

610 Gallagher Court
Oxford, MI 48371 USA
Phone: +1 (866) 628-8120
Alison Bouck, President
Phone:+1 (866) 628-8120

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ALMA Pixel Laser - Co2 For Sale

2012 Alma Pixel CO2 Excellent condition Buffalo Smoke Evacuator with new filter 7 x 7 hand piece 9 x 9 hand piece 2 Ipixel roller handpiece attachements (F-50 & F-100) Glasses Manual... view more

October 22  

LASERING Mixto SX Fractional CO2 Laser - Co2 For Sale

2010 Lasering Mixto SX Fractional CO2 light usage 180 micron spot scanner 300 micron spot scanner Operator goggles Patient eye shield Operator Manual Marketing Material Key(s) Powercord ... view more

October 22  

QUANTA YOULaser Laser - Co2 For Sale

2015 Quanta YouLaser CO2 Excellent condition Fractional scanner handpiece 200, 400, 1000 uM surgical handpieces Power cord Foot pedal User manuals Protective eyewear L10914 ... view more

October 22  

RELIANT Fraxel SR750 Laser - Co2 For Sale

2006 Reliant Fraxel SR 750 Non-working system (no bootable device available) -Eyewear Marketing material Owner’s manual ... view more

October 22  

LUMENIS UltraPulse/Surgitouch Laser - Co2 For Sale

2005 Lumenis UltraPulse/Surgitouch - CO2 laser - Goggles - Manual - Serviced on Jan 08 2013 - CPG computer pattern generator for skin resurfacing as added feature - Available for immediate... view more

October 22  

COHERENT ULTRAPULSE 5000C Laser - Co2 For Sale

1995 Coherent UltraPulse 5000C CO2 Handpiece (2) 0.2mm tips ... view more

October 22  

LUMENIS UltraPulse 5000C Laser - Co2 For Sale

1997 UltraPulse 5000C Ultrascan ER HP W/O JIT W/C 435 ... view more

October 22  
October 22  

ALMA FemiLift Pixel Laser - Co2 For Sale

2009 ALMA FemiLift Pixel CO2 Excellent condition Shot count < 1000 Vaginal probe Aesthetic handpiece for facial resurfacing Goggles Key(s) Power cords Arm Foot pedal L10041 ... view more

October 22  

HOYA CONBIO DioDent Dental Laser For Sale

Hoya ConBio Diodent diode laser Good working condition Rolling cart Foot switch Fiber cleavers Protective eyeglasses Operator's manual L3167... view more

October 22  

LUMENIS Vasculight Laser - IPL For Sale

2002 Vasculight - Excellent Condition - SR - VL - PL - Model# SA402000 - Manufactured November 2002 - Located in Canada Lead... view more

October 22  

LUMENIS LumeOne LumeOne For Sale

2008 Lumenis LumeOne Excellent condition System pulse count approximately 124,000 Hours of use: approximately 634.9 Multi-Spot Yag: Pulse count approximately 12,600 LightSheer: Pulse count... view more

October 22  

BIOCELL Mediderm Laser - Erbium For Sale

Includes Airsafe Smoke Filtration System Water level low Glasses Foot pedal Shot Count: 11,486 ... view more

October 22  

LAPEX 2000 BCS Liposuction Unit For Sale

a safe, painless and completely non-invasive treatment for spot fat reduction and inch-loss Needs new paddles ... view more

October 22  

SYNERON eLaser Laser - Diode For Sale

2006 Syneron eLaser Excellent Condition DSL and Matrix IR handpieces Well maintained Only distilled water used DSL needs service - water flow error message ... view more

October 22