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WebStore for Grand Medical Equipment, Inc.

Grand Medical Equipment, Inc.

Sean Chen, President
DOTmed user since January 2009

3 Corporate Drive
Cranbury, NJ 08512 USA
Phone: +1 (609) 610-6925
Sean Chen, President
Phone:+1 (609) 610-6925

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SIEMENS Emotion 6 CT Scanner For Sale

Siemens Emotion 6 CT scanner manufactured in August 2006. Original DURA 422 x-ray tube with 445,072 scan seconds. System scan seconds 437,901. Syngo CT 2014A VB42B . ICS Tower 12S PN 10864206, IRS... view more

September 26  

GE PROFILE HD MRI Scanner For Sale

GE Profile HD or Profile V manufactured in 2007. System cabinet with AN8295 Amplifer, Excite console workstation. 5 Coils include Head, Large Flex Body, Medium Flex Body, Extremity, GP. Deinstalled... view more

September 24  

PHILIPS 2011 iCT CT Scanner For Sale

Philips iCT SP 128 manufactured in April 2011. SW 4.1.7. Brand-new x-ray CT XS Tube manufactured in Setp 2017 and replaced in August 2019. Tube count 15,444 secs and system count 1,338,061 as of... view more

September 24  

TOSHIBA Aquilion ONE CT Scanner For Sale

Aquilion One 320 slice CT scanner manufactured in August 2008. Toshiba refurbished 2017 CXB-750E tube replaced in June 2020. Current tube time: 27,000 seconds as of Sept 24, 2020. Software version... view more

September 20  

GE 2009 VCT Vision CT Scanner For Sale

Lightspeed VCT Vision 64 scanner manufactured in June 2009. Detector HDAS64. GOC6 Console. SW 12HW14.6_SP1-1-1.V40_H_H64_G_GTL. Performix Pro Hercules x-ray tube replaced in Oct 2017. Very low tube... view more

September 20  

SIEMENS Symphony a TIM System MRI Scanner For Sale

Siemens Symphony upgraded to a 18CH TIM system. SW VB19A-SP3. Coils include Knee i.Tx/Rx, Extremity-Knee 8ch, Shoulder Array, Breast 8CH, Neck matirx, Head Array, Spine matrix. Head matrix, small... view more

September 20  


hitachi airis ii, aperto joing coil... view more

September 20  

KKT KRAUS KPC 108-L-US CT Chiller For Sale

outdoor chiller by kkt kraus. model kpc 108-l-u/s. 480v/6-hz.... view more

September 20  

SIEMENS Biograph 16 PET/CT For Sale

Biograph 16 manufactured in 2004. Dura 532 Akron Q tube replaced in June 2009 with 114,580 secs on current tube and 1.25 mil secs on system as of March 2020. LSO Phoenix gantry. Still install and up... view more

September 20  
September 20  

TOSHIBA Aquilion ONE Family CT Scanner For Sale

Toshiba Aquilion One 320 CT manufactured in June 2009. Still up and running in the USA.... view more

September 20  

TOSHIBA 2013 Aquilion Prime CT Scanner For Sale

Toshiba Aquilion Prime manufactured in Sept 2013. CXB-750E X-ray tube replaced in 07/2018. Tube count 52571.4 secs, gantry count 812548.9 secs as of July 2019. Version 6.0 Base V11. Still up and... view more

September 20  

GE 2100 Innova 4100 Angio Lab For Sale

Innova 4100IQ manufactured in June 2011. 40cm digital detector. DL-8 Rev 25.2.1. , ATL 4.3-9_7 . Performix 160 x-ray tube manufactured in April 2011. HP Z800 workstation AW4.6. UPS. Medrad Provis... view more

September 20  

SIEMENS SOMATOM Sensation Open CT Scanner For Sale

Sensation Open manufactured in June 2007. Straton x-ray tube was replaced in Nov 2019 with around 60,000 secs. VB42B SW. Still up and running in Michigan and coming out... view more

September 20  

SIEMENS Biograph 16 PET/CT For Sale

Biograph 16 HiRez manufactured in April 2006. System model 10151221 and gantry model 10151222. Akron Q x-ray tube was manufactured in August 2009. PRS TWR 5A (2011) 10244654, ACS 3S TWR 1A... view more

September 20