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Richard M. Szkocny, Medical Equipment
DOTmed user since November 2008

Rzemieślnicza 54
Przezmierowo, Wielkopolskie 62-081 Poland
Phone: +48 601333666
Richard M. Szkocny, Medical Equipment
Phone:+48 601333666

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ELAMED ALMAG portable Magnetotherapy Device Magnetic Field Therapy For Sale

The device Almag-01 Elamed is the magnetotherapeutic device intended for rendering therapeutic impact on a human body by the pulse running magnetic field. The device Almag-01 Elamed can be used as in... view more

April 02  

ELAMED MAVIT device for Magnetotherapy of Inflammatory Prostatic Diseases Magnetic Field Therapy For Sale

The prostate massage device MAVIT (ULP -01) in clinic and home for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and chronic prostatitis (including adenoma). Medical practice has shown that the traditional... view more

April 02  

ASAMED PELVIC CONTROL Magnetic Field Therapy For Sale

Pelvic Control Training Device For External Magnetic Neurostimulation (PFMT-Pelvic floor muscle training) Completely Non-Invasive Painless Therapy Fully-clothed treatments No probes or... view more

April 02  

CELL DYN Ruby Hematology Analyzer For Sale

Good conditio! The CELL-DYN Ruby System* is a multi-parameter automated hematology analyzer designed for in vitro diagnostic use in medium volume clinical laboratories. This instrument uses MAPSS... view more

April 02  

ROCHE Jouan IG Incubator For Sale

Good Working Condition. JOUAN IG150 - CO2 Incubator CO2 Detector : Infrared Capacity: 154 L Exterior material : Steel Interior material : Stainless steel Interior door : Safety glass ... view more

April 02  

RADIOMETER NPT-7 Blood Gas Analyzer For Sale

Good working condition. NPT-7 - Blood Gas Analyzer Manufacturer: Radiometer Method: Sensor Technology Parameters: BG, Oximetry: pH, PCO2, PO2, ctHb, sO2, FO2Hb, FCO2Hb, FMetHb, FHHb ... view more

April 02  

RADIOMETER ABL-837 Blood Gas Analyzer For Sale

Good Working Condition. RADIOMETER ABL 800/FLEX Blood Gas Analyzer Ideal for medium to high-volume departments, the ABL800 FLEX blood gas analyzer offers reliable automated sample handling and... view more

April 02  

ABBOTT LABS TDX Chemistry Analyzer For Sale

*Analyzer is in good working condition* Please send us email to get more information. Reagents avaiable... view more

April 02