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General Rating by David Bothwell, Certified Endoscopy Products LLC
July 17, 2019


General Rating by leland sarmont, rad services
July 16, 2019

Scott was very helpful with the purchase and performed at 110%. I highly recommend him. Details

General Rating by Mathew Baroli, Medical Remarketing Group, LLC
May 22, 2019

Good person and company to do business with! Details

General Rating by Kerry Horton, Source-That
February 01, 2019

Scott is a pleasure to deal with! Very up front about condition/price, and prompt with delivery. Details

General Rating by Adrian Garcia, GB Tech USA Inc
January 04, 2019

Thanks! Details

General Rating by Sebastian Rudolph, Focus Asset Services
October 12, 2018

Scott is incredibly knowledgable and helpful. Highly recommended! Details

General Rating by Sal Panetta, Ringle Medical Supply
January 27, 2017

Excellent Seller!! Details

General Rating by Gil Sierra, Mercy Medical Inc,
January 12, 2017

Always good to like who you buy from and sell, Scott , is a Honest , and an expert on his product lines . Gil Details

General Rating by Francis Simon, Simon Medical
October 17, 2016

Scott at Therapeutic Technologies is the best source for retractor sets. He offers high quality sets and he has unparalleled product knowledge. Highly Recommended Details