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Warning about Nick Sculac / Colorado Medical Equipment
April 12, 2011 07:05

Fellow DOTmed Users: Please include me in any group that concerns Mr. Sculac and his "con operation". Many years ago he defrauding our company by not delivering promised equipment that was paid for. After months of relentles...Click here to read more

references for Mark Asmer MedCorp
April 09, 2010 04:38

Hello: MedCorp has always been a reputable company for us to work with. In our experience, both Mike and Mark Asmer are fair and honest people. I can personally recommend both the company and the people that work there. Do...Click here to read more

Attempted credit card fraud
November 12, 2009 10:02

We were contacted today by a person purporting to be Lee S. Simon from West Newton, MA. He wanted to purchase an ultrasound for his father in CA. He provided a valid AMEX card with all the correct information as was checked and ...Click here to read more

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