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Hospital Grade AC Cords
February 26, 2014 03:58

Hello Everyone, I am looking for Hospital grade ac cords with green dot 6-10 feet , Color Black Quantity needed 200-300 pcs New or Used Please contact us if you can help CBE Medical Inc 562-569-5169 ...Click here to read more

Ziess Surgical Microscope FootSwitch
June 05, 2005 06:09

Hello all, I would like to find out if you guys know any alternative Vendors for Ziess footswitch for the surgical microscopes. (Model S3, S4, C2, C4,...) If there is can you please let me know who and if they are well worth ...Click here to read more

chargers for pumps
April 10, 2005 05:58

Group, Can anyone tell me if there is an alternative place to buy a CHARGERS for the following pumps from other than the manufacturer. 1- B BRAUN Pump 2- PCA II PUMP 3- AS50, AS40 PUMP Thank you CBE anwar562@hotmail....Click here to read more

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