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Biograph mMR brings a revolution in diagnostic imaging to life. For the first time, state-of-the-art 3T MRI and cutting-edge molecular imaging are fully integrated as one. Only Siemens makes the simultaneous acquisition of whole-body MR and PET possible.
Molecular MR supports our joint vision for healthcare - to advance disease management and improve care for all patients.
Comprehensive diagnostic picture in one scan
One exam instead of two boosts productivity and reduces costs
Unlock new medical applications and advance research
Reduced radiation exposure for your patients
One fully integrated MR and PET system


Sequential is now simultaneous: a comprehensive diagnostic picture in only one scan

Biograph mMR shows MR and PET data in virtually seamless spatial alignment. In addition, the MR acquisition can be used to correct for motion-related effects in PET, greatly improving image quality.

Spatial alignment
◾Precise alignment of MR and PET through simultaneous acquisition
◾One frame of reference
◾Minimal motion artifacts
◾Exact spatial registration

Minimizing the effects of motion
◾Biograph mMR helps eliminate motion effects
◾Brilliant MR and PET images through gating tools that freeze motion
◾MR based PET gating information helps improve the quality of PET images
◾Important for imaging moving organs like the liver
One streamlined exam boosts your productivity
◾Shortened acquisition times by up to 50%
◾Two exams in one leads to faster diagnoses
◾Faster results for referring physicians

Shorter exams and low radiation exposure
◾Position once for both MR and PET exams
◾No coil changing or repositioning, thanks to Tim integrated coil technology
◾Reduced radiation exposure compared to other imaging modalities.

Significant reduction of costs
◾One room for MR and PET
◾One cooling system
◾One operator
◾Potential for more patients per day

As the world leader in both MRI and PET, Siemens possesses the engineering expertise to fully integrate the two.

We've designed the first PET detectors that allow the integration of whole-body MR and PET - without compromising the performance of either modality

Overview Technical Details

Field strength
3 Tesla

Bore size
60 cm

System length
199 cm

System weight (in operation)
9.0 tons

Minimum room size
33 m²

RF Tim
[102 x 18] [102 x 32]

Gradient strength
MQ Gradients (45 mT/m @ 200 T/m/s)

Helium consumption
Zero helium boil-off technology

Siemens' technologies
◾MR-compatible PET detectors: unique mMR block detector architecture includes integrated cooling features to provide optimal PET performance, as well as specialized shielding to virtually eliminate magnetic field interference in the PET data processing chain.
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First Year of Production: 2012

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