Ge Discovery NmCt 670 SPECT Camera - Model Information

GE Discovery* NM/CT 670 SPECT Camera

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Discovery NM/CT 670 combines the power of next generation SPECT technology with proven multi-slice CT.

From the ground up, this system has been designed to deliver exceptional efficiency, next generation workflow and advanced robotics.

* World class Nuclear Medicine Slim Detectors for general purpose nuclear imaging.
* Flexibility to combine any supported SPECT and CT single or multiple exams to create hybrid protocols.
* Inherent registration of multiple CT and SPECT FOVs, which permits scanning only the areas that need scanning, thereby helping reduce both dose and imaging time.
* Telescopic table design increases hybrid scanning range while ensuring accurate registration throughout the FOV.
* Responsible dose management for both NM and CT imaging.

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Gantry Weight:
4,200 kg
Scan times:
Maximum scan time is 120 sec.
Slice thickness:
8 x 1.25 mm (uses center 16 rows); 8 x 2.5 mm (uses all 24 rows); 16 x 0.625 mm (uses center 16 rows)
UFOV (cm):
54 x 40

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