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BIONET FC1400 Fetal Monitor

The FC1400 is a twin fetus monitor, which features a color LCD, uterine contraction and fetal movement, twin capability, automatic fetal movement detection, 320 x 240 color LCD viewer, alarm on abnormal fetal heart rate (FHR), high speed printout of stored data, easy to read full size chart paper, 1...


BIONET FC700 Fetal Monitor

The FC700 is a fetal monitor for a single fetus. Its features include: Fetal heart rate (FHR), uterine contraction (UC), clear signal quality, automatic fetal movement detection, led display of FHR and UC, easy-to-read full size chart paper, alarms on abnormal FHR, high sensitivity (1 MHz), wireless...


COROMETRICS 118 Fetal Monitor

* Technique: peak detecting beat-to-beat cardiotachometer. * Heart rate counting range: 30-240 BPM. * Heart rate resolution: ±1 BPM. * Artifact elimination: switch selectable ±25 BPM artifact rejection. * Input signal range differential: 15 µV to 2 mV peak-to-peak (fet...