Ames Hema-Tek 4480 Slide Stainer - Model Information

AMES Hema-Tek 4480 Slide Stainer

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The AMES Hema-Tek 4480 slide stainer is ideal for staining multiple slides in a laboratory environment. It is an automated system used for uniformly staining hematologic slides. Instruments of this design have also been sold under the Miles and Bayer brands. They were all likely made to the same spec at the same place.


* Uses disposable, prepackaged stain, buffer, and rinse solutions.
* Starts in 12 minutes and processes 60 slides per hour.
* Pilot light indicates when remaining solution is sufficient for only 20 slides.
* Has two spiral conveyors
* Uses three peristaltic pumps.
* 120 VAC powered. Cannot be switched to other voltages
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