Pck Polaris Power C-Arm - Model Information

PCK Polaris Power C-Arm

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The new generation PCK Polaris Mobile C-Arm is an ideal X-ray system to provide fluoroscopic and radiographic imaging for a variety of clinical procedures, including applications in orthopedics, urology, general
surgery and gynaecology or minimally invasive procedures as well as gastrointestinal surgery or vascular intervention.

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Abs Control :
kVp, mA, camera gain, black level
Cassette Holder Sizes :
< 24 x 30
Cooling, Hu/Min :
Fluoroscopic Mode :
Heat Capacity, Hu :
Image Matrix Size :
752x 582 x 8, CCIR (50Hz); 768 x 494 x 8,EIA (60 Hz)
Radiographic Mode :
X-Ray Tube Anode:

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