Toshiba Aquilion Super4 CT Scanner - Model Information

TOSHIBA Aquilion Super4 CT Scanner

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The Toshiba Aquilion Super 4 provides 0.5 second high-speed scanning while improving temporal and spatial image resolution with longer, faster helical scanning for thinner slice, and 3D volume imaging. The Aquilion Super 4 performs true isotropic imaging at 0.5 mm resolution which is one of the most important capabilities of multi-slice scanning. The resulting 3D volume capabilities let you view anatomy in the optimal perspective for a more complete detailed view of the pathology, even in an off-axis orientation. Ask one of our experienced representatives for additional details of this system's features.

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Maximum anode cooling rate (kHU/min):
Scan fields of view (cm) (SCANNER GANTRY):
Tube Focal Spot, Mm :
0.9 x 0.8
Tube heat capacity:
6.3 MHU

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