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General Rating for Lilly Echazabal , by Andy Silveira, Spec Medical, Inc.
October 03, 2019

Lilly is very professional. She was able to answer all of my questions. I am very happy with my purchase. Thanks!


General Rating for Lilly Echazabal , by Monica Arango Osorio, Sueño y Oxigeno
July 23, 2019
starstarempty starempty starempty star

On March 1 of 2019, I made a purchase with this company, I paid by paypal, as the seller informed me, there was a difficulty with the state of the units and since then I am waiting for the rest of my purchase, which is more than USD $ 1.850, since then, I only receive messages of shipping promises from Lili Echazabal, but none is fulfilled. This is why my experience with this company has been really bad


General Rating for Lilly Echazabal , by Hani SS, NA
August 26, 2018

Prompt in responding to my questions.. great price.. product 👍🏻 And most importantly she did her best to make sure my order arrives exactly on time, despite very limited time and very specific date!


General Rating for Lilly Echazabal , by Aamr Herekar, Herekar LLC
August 22, 2018
starhalf starempty starempty starempty star

Update: it has been 8 months, i have received 5 of the 10 machines i ordered, 3 were not powering on, she will not allow me to return them. She owes me 30 masks for which she has taken money which she refuses to answer for. Apparently one of her suppliers is on vacation for the last 6 months. This lady has no return policy and has 3 accounts where she insists we transfer money, only one is in Florida, it seems like a scam. The worst part is it took me 7 months of fighting with DOT med to be able to post a negative review, she will contest and remove reviews and threaten legal action if her negative reviews are posted. Please be careful, she gave my my initial order and then after taking 5000 dollars she refused to provide me with my order. It has been 3 months and she will not answer mail. I will be reporting her to BBB and this website but wanted everyone to be careful.


General Rating for Lilly Echazabal , by Ritchie Lewis, CPAPsupplies4u
August 21, 2018


General Rating for Lilly Echazabal , by Wagih Mando, Wagih Mando, MD FACS LLC
August 14, 2018


General Rating for Lilly Echazabal , by a Clinic
August 08, 2018

Lilly is awesome to work with she handles work at all hrs of the day. She responds in a timely manner and very curtious. I will continue to work with her and strongly recommend her.


General Rating for Lilly Echazabal , by LisaMarie Partridge, H&P Diagnostic Services
August 08, 2018

Pleasure doing Business with you.


General Rating for Lilly Echazabal , by Harley Metcalfe, PM Sleep Lab
August 07, 2018

I have been working with Lilly for several years, and she's always been easy to work with, and kept her word in our dealings. I look forward to working together for many more years.


General Rating for Lilly Echazabal , by Mark Waldrop, Terrain Biomedical & Consulting
December 04, 2017


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