Medallion Medical Technologies, Inc.

Medallion Medical Technologies, Inc.

Setting the Gold Standard

Ron Ragan
DOTmed user prior to August 2001

13255 Tamiami Trail East
Naples, FL 34114 USA

Phone: +1 (239) 793-6899

About Us

  • At Medallion Medical Technologies we...
  • Provide top notch medical imaging solutions to hospitals, private clinics, imaging centers and veterinary clinics worldwide.
  • Specialize in MRI/CT fixed and mobile units.
  • Employ expert staff averaging over 25 years of experience in the medical imaging field.
  • Can take your wish list for a cost effective, efficient, state of the art imaging center and make it reality, through Medallion’s comprehensive customer service and product solutions.
  • Customize equipment combinations advantageous to customer needs.
  • Take your project from competitive bid to deinstallation, room planning, installation, training and service.
  • Have the expertise and experience with retro-fits and antiquated as well as modern facilities large and small.
  • Have a users list and product line that speak for themselves.
  • Are responsive to industry innovations and are able to pass advances along to the customer rapidly.
  • Purchase top quality pre-owned systems and refurbish them to a cosmetically and internally pristine condition.
  • Provide you with equipment that looks like new, works like new, but costs 40% don’t have to risk reliability to save money and increase your bottom line.

Equipment Categories


CT Mobile
CT Scanner
MRI Accessories
MRI Coil
MRI Coldhead
MRI Mobile
MRI Scanner


Helium Service
Medical Trailer Storage
Medical Trailer Transportation
Mobile Equipment, Services
MRI Magnet Storage
Parts, New, Used and Rebuilt
Rental Equipment
Repair, Maintenance, Service

Medallion Provides

QUALITY*PROFESSIONALISM*EXCELLENCE *Nationwide MRI, CT and PET/CT Service Agreements *Refurbished Equipment Sales *Installs and De-installs including site planning, transportation and warranty *Worldwide Cryo-refrigeration and Magnet Service and monitoring *Mobile and Magnet Storage and Monitoring

Our Facility

Our world headquarters is located in Naples, FL. Our 20,000 square foot building is climate controlled and systems are fully staged and operational and can be inspected prior to purchasing. Our refurbishment division is fully equiped to provide our customers with systems that meet or exceed OEM specifications. Medallion prides itself on the premier quality of our refurbishing process. We can provide both short-term and long-term storage for any items that we offer. Our secure and environmentally shielded storage facilities ensure that the item will be returned to you in the same condition that it was when you entrusted it to us.
Paint Booth
Impeccable Refurbishment
Mobile Rental
Mobile storage, maintenance and monitoring

Additional Services

At Medallion Magnet Services, we have the ability to store your magnet in our environmentally controlled warehouse, monitor the helium level,and report the condition of your magnet via web/fax or video link while your system is here for refurbishment or storage.
Also, Medallion has extensive experience in moving a wide array of medical equipment, including moving MRI, X-ray, CT and PET systems within the United States. With our own new and 50 state emissions legal tractor and box truck, we can provide any medical imaging transportation service you may need.
We not only provide transporation, but the rigging of the equipment
Please contact us for a quote. Our rates are the most competitive in the industry.

Our Promise To You

At Medallion Medical Technologies, Inc. our integrity, knowledge, commitment, expertise and refreshingly straightforward approach in this increasingly complex industry is what sets us apart as a leader.
We are committed to our customers. Our drive to provide excellent solutions is reflected in our reputation, dedication to quality and a passion for our industry. As one of our customers, you will receive the highest quality or equipment and/or service for the best price.
We take great pride in leading the drive for excellence, upholding the highest standards of quality, professionalism, service, operation and performance. But, what sets us apart the most is our passion for the industry. We come to work every day with one goal in mind-to satisfy the needs of our customers.

Equipment In Stock

We have many parts and complete systems available for delivery to your facility, installation and warranty can be included. Our inventory moves fast. Please call our office 239-793-6899 for the latest and most up to date list.

A Note From Medallion

Welcome to Medallion Medical Technologies!

More than 25 years ago, I made a decision that changed my life forever. Starting in the medical field as an engineer, I worked first hand with customers asking more questions and listening more closely to their exact needs, providing them with the services they needed and the results they deserved. With this vast knowledge, I became the co-founder of the largest third party imaging company in the United States.

Today, as I move into the future, I am proud to say that I will remain true and committed to my values and vision through my new venture Medallion Medical Technologies. With my past accomplishments benchmarking my goals, I continue to recognize that every customer has its own unique market position and strategies and I will work hard to understand and meet these special needs – one customer at a time.

I am building Medallion Medical Technologies on a rock-solid foundation of continuity. This is one of MMT’s greatest advantages.

MMT is a special company, a company of people proud of their past and excited about their future. We remain fresh, relevant and original by knowing what to change without changing what we know while continuing to satisfy customers with innovative technology and superior quality, value and service. Above all a company defined by the character and integrity of its people. A company that truly cares.

It’s at times like we’re living in today when change is volatile and unsettling, when norms we’re accustomed to no longer seem certain and that the clarity of purpose matters more than ever. At MMT our purpose is to provide quality products and services that are deemed an exceptional value. To succeed by helping our customers succeed.

Once again, welcome to Medallion Medical Technologies and thank you for your interest. Feel free to browse our website and to contact us for additional information or support. As a leader in our industry, I want to be your number one source for Medical Imaging systems and services.


Ronald J. Ragan

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