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Ken Sourounis, Managing Partner
DOTmed user since April 2014

800 Lunt Ave.
Unit A
Schaumburg, IL 60193-4145 USA
Phone: +1 (844) 279-6778
Ken Sourounis, Managing Partner
Phone:+1 (844) 279-6778
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CryoSRV LLC is Located at:
800 Lunt Avenue
Unit A
Schaumburg, IL 60193-4145

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CryoSRV is an independent cryogenic parts and service organization focused on providing a high value alternative for re-manufactured parts and innovative service solutions.

We aim to work with and educate our customers, providing training and support for all their cryogenic needs.

When proper cold head installation procedures are followed, the outcome is a longer mean time between failure and a lower life-time part/service cost for the end user. The relationship we strive for is to be the cryogenic partner for our customers, allowing them to focus on what they do best.

CryoSRV can handle all your cryogenic related issues and provide a high level of expertise, minimizing system down time and Helium loss.

CryoSRV offers our customers a noticeably better service experience by first listening to and understanding your unique needs. Only then can we begin discussing solutions. This happens the moment we promptly answer our phones, emails, and texts, and continues seamlessly through each and every service event.

We know that when your system is down response time is critical. Our team of field service engineers can be immediately dispatched for emergency onsite service worldwide. We can work around your scanning schedule, allowing you to maintain your patient throughput.

We continue the communication with our customers to follow up on any work that was performed. We monitor your system to track operating conditions and work with your personnel closely to maximize optimal system functions and to act progressively before a major breakdown occurs.

We have many years of service experience and apply our knowledge to offer solutions to your unique problems.

We at CryoSRV are engineers at heart. Discovering innovative technologies, investing the time and resources, and applying all of this for you, our customer.

Joseph Santoro, Managing Partner of CryoSRV, LLC


Along with his Coyne College Degree in Commercial & Industrial Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Joe has worked in the H.V.A.C. & Refrigeration industry for over 26 years. He was Owner and Field Engineer at Rescue Refrigeration Corp with customers in the commercial and industrial refrigeration industry.

Prior to forming CryoSRV, LLC, Joe held the role of Senior Field Service Engineer and Cryogenic Compressor Lab Manager at Genesis Medical Imaging. He performed on-site diagnostics and parts replacement for Philips, Toshiba, G.E., Siemens, Hitachi and Picker M.R.I. scanners. Joe was responsible for the repair and testing of Sumitomo, Leybold and APD Cryogenic Helium Compressors.

As Managing Partner at CryoSRV, LLC, he is involved in all business activities as well as maintaining Field Service Engineer and Compressor Lab Manager roles.


Kyriakos "Ken" Sourounis, Managing Partner of CryoSRV, LLC


Ken holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Illinois – Urbana/Champaign in Electrical Engineering.

Prior to CryoSRV, Ken has worked for Genesis Medical Imaging for 9+ years in a variety of roles. As a Technical Operations Manager, Ken was responsible for overseeing the Magnet Division of Genesis Medical Imaging. He maintained impeccable quality control, efficient service schedules and generated sales for all cryogenic parts. Ken’s in-depth knowledge of cryogenic imaging devices supports his continued focus on excellence.

As a Field Service Engineer at Genesis, he performed on-site diagnostics and parts replacement for Philips, G.E., Siemens, Toshiba, Hitachi and Picker M.R.I. scanners. Additionally, he performed CryoLab Cryogenic Coldhead repairs and testing.

In 2014, Ken joined Joe Santoro as a Managing Partner for CryoSRV, LLC.

Ken is involved in all aspects of the company. He continues to perform CryoLab Cryogenic Coldhead repair testing. He designed an automated testing software to improve the parts testing process and improve efficiency to provide a higher level of professional customer service and quality.

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