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About The Company

The surplus assets that are no longer needed in US hospitals and laboratories, are desperately needed and utilized throughout the world. As responsible R2 business partners we try to take as much of the surplus equipment as we can, as long as it is saleable and financially viable to do so; as responsible partners toward the future of our green environment we try to get as much of that equipment sold for reuse throughout the world. Almost all Medical and Laboratory equipment we help liquidate is tested according to the strict R2 standards for reuse and used equipment. All medical and laboratory equipment that we purchase is sold for reuse, what is not sold we recycle through R2 & E Steward downstream vendors using the strict R2 standard for due diligence. Furthermore, monitors and other equipment that contains focus materials are always disposed of in accordance to R2 standards. Some medical and laboratory equipment needs to be disposed of. The majority of medical equipment that is thrown away is still usable. ZRG's appraisers will review all the surplus lists to guide hospitals as to what has value and what doesn't. We will also ensure no equipment will go to landfills.

It's both financially and environmentally careless for healthcare facilities to throw saleable assets away, and then have to pay waste disposal costs on top of it. Contact ZRG to discuss environmental friendly ways to help ease the burden of surplus equipment at your healthcare facility or Lab.

Equipment Categories


Anesthesia Machine
Anesthesia Monitor
Anesthesia Scavenging
Arthroscopic Video System
Arthroscopy Accessories
Arthroscopy Drill
Arthroscopy Shaver System
Audiology General
Autoclave Tabletop
Beds Electric
Bedside Monitor
Blood Analyzer
Blood Gas Analyzer
BP Monitor
Cell Washer
Chemistry Analyzer
Coagulation Analyzer
Dry Camera
ECG unit
Endoscopy Processor
Environmental Chamber
Hematology Analyzer
Hypothermia Unit
Light Source
Mammo Unit
O/R Camera
Shared Service
Stress Test
Ultrasound Transducer
Video Endoscopy


Parts, New, Used and Rebuilt
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According to Healthcare Without Harm, U.S. hospitals discard over 2 million tons of medical waste each year, with a portion of that waste being unused, surplus medical supplies.
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