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About Us

IMEB Inc. is your “Pathology Specialist” for refurbished and new pathology lab equipment. Since 1984 we have offered quality instruments plus a full line of lab supplies for: Clinical Labs, Anatomic Path Labs, Veterinary, Pharmaceutical, NeuroPathology, Dermatopathology and Research Facilities. We have everything from Tissue Processors, Microtomes/Ultra Microtomes, Slide Stainers, Microscopes, Cryostats, Embedding Centers, Cytology processing, to IHC Stainers. We even have hard to find items too! We have hundreds of instruments and products to choose from. We carry our own line of chemicals, reagents, special stains and kits, H & E, and pre-filled specimen containers, all at competitive prices!

  • New Pathology Equipment
  • Refurbished Pathology Equipment
  • Bio-Medical Repair
  • Chemical Stains
  • General Supplies

Equipment Categories


Autopsy Table
Autopsy Tools
Cassette Printer
Disposables - General
Embedding Center
Fume/Bio Safety Hood
Grossing Station
Microscope Binocular
Morgue Table
Paraffin Dispenser
Slide Printer
Slide Stainer
Slide Warmer
Solvent Recycler
Tissue Flotation Bath
Tissue Processor


Pre-Owned Equip Remarketer
Remanufacturer, Rebuilder
Repair, Maintenance, Service

Notes From our Company

Our website allows you access to our products – from new equipment, refurbished equipment and lab supplies. Log on to your account (sign up is easy and free!) and easily review previous orders, get a new quote, ask questions or inquire on an order and track your shipments.


When it comes to histology and pathology supplies (including chemical and stains) IMEB INC. has put together a comprehensive selection of innovative products through some of the leading manufacturers of histology and pathology supplies and equipment. IMEB INC. is proud to offer many of our own products specifically manufactured for pathology with the technician in mind. Products are designed for quality, economy and performance.

Service And Repair

IMEB, Inc.’s Service & Repair Department offers a variety of plans to service and maintain your histology/pathology equipment.

Our trained technicians can provide yearly maintenance programs, service requests, emergency visits, electrical leakage tests, and safetly checks as needed on all makes and models of equipment.

Contact IMEB regarding all your service and repair needs and ask about IMEB’s loaner program for major repairs.

Feel free to give us a call for an over the phone quote at: 1-800-543-8496, submit a repair request for quote online ,or email

Sell Your Pathology Equipment!

If you have excess laboratory equipment that you are looking to sell, trade, or ugrade, contact IMEB today!

We are constantly looking for used equipment and would welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Contact Linda at 800-543-8496 or

Units currently low in stock: (please contact Linda even if not on this list as our needs change daily!)


Leica: RM2135, RM2155, RM2235, RM2255, RM2265, SP1600, VT1000S

Reichert Biocut 2030

AO: 860& 

Vibratome: 1000 PLUS, 1500, 3000


Leica: CM1100, CM1520, CM1510S, CM1850, CM1850UV, CM1860, CM1950, CM3600XP Cryomacrotome

Microm: HM 520, HM 525, HM 550

Embedding Centers

Sakura TEC 5, TEC (4)


Sakura Film 4740

Leica CV5030

Slide Stainers:

Sakura: Prisma

Leica: ST5010 XL

Shandon: GLX, Linistat, SLS

Tissue Processors:

Sakura: VIP 5, VIP 6, VIP E150, VIP E300


Olympus BX41, BX43, BX45, BX46, BX51, BX53, CX31, CX41 (and accessories for these microscopes)

Nikon Eclipse 55i

Grossing Stations:

Mopec MB600, ME400

Thermo Grosslab and Gross-Star


Cytyc Thinprep 2000


Our HotDOTs

Posted 73 Days Ago
Sell your Pathology Equipment! Running low on: Leica RM2135 & RM2155 microtomes, Sakura VIP (E150, E300, and VIP 5) tissue processors, Sakura TEC 5 embeddding centers, Nikon Eclipse 55i, Olympus BX41 and BX43 microsopes, Mopec MB600 grossing stations
Posted 94 Days Ago
Sell your pathology equipment!
Currently low on:
Sakura TEC 5 embedding centers
Leica RM2135, RM2235, RM2255 microtomes
Olympus BX43, BX46 microscopes
Sakura Film 4740 Coverslipper
Sakura VIP E150, VIP E300, VIP 5 & VIP 6 Tissue processors
Sakura Prisma and Shandon Linistat, SLS and GLX stainers
Leica CM1860, CM1520 cryostats

Posted 121 Days Ago
TEK SELECT ESPO (White) Slide Printer
Just posted a TEKSELECT ESPO Slide Printer on DOTmed... Click here to read more
Posted 164 Days Ago
OLYMPUS Refurbished IX71 Fluorescence & Phase Contrast Inverted Microscope in Excellent Condition with 6 Month Warranty $10,500 Microscope
Just posted a OLYMPUS Refurbished IX71 Fluorescence & Phase Contrast Inverted Microscope in Excellent Condition with 6 Month Warranty $10,500 Microscope on DOTmed... Click here to read more
Posted 164 Days Ago
OLYMPUS Refurbished BX61 FISH Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization Microscope in Excellent Condition with Warranty $13,850 Microscope
Just posted a OLYMPUS Refurbished BX61 FISH Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization Microscope in Excellent Condition with Warranty $13,850 Microscope on DOTmed... Click here to read more
Posted 214 Days Ago
Announcing our New Website!
Posted 354 Days Ago
Equipment for sale? We are low on: Microtomes: Leica RM2235, RM2255, RM2135 & VT1000S Cryostats: Leica CM1520, CM1850UV & Microm HM 520 Embedding Centers: TEC & TEC 5, Coverslipper: Sakura Film #4740, Microscopes: Olympus BX41, BX45, BX46, BX50 Tissue Processors: Sakura VIP 5 & 6, Slide Stainers: Sakura Prisma
Posted 396 Days Ago
Looking to purchase: Thermo Microm HM 355S or just specimen holder, Leica RM2235 & RM2255, Sakura TEC 5, Olympus BX41, BX51, Sakura Prisma, Shandon Histobath, Leica Cryojane, Leica CM1850, Leica ST5010 XL (2013+)
Posted 431 Days Ago
Equipment for sale? We are low on: Sakura TEC & TEC 5 Embedding Centers, Leica CM1850 cryostats, Olympus BX41 microscopes, Leica CM3600XP Cryomacrotome, Leica VT1000S Microtomes
Posted 548 Days Ago
Leica RM2255, RM2265, RM2235 Microtomes
Leica cryojane
Leica CM1850, CM1850UV, CM1510S, CM1100 Cryostats
Leica CM3600XP Cryomacrotome (full body cryostat)
Sakura TEC 5 embedding center
Sakura VIP 5 and VIP 6 tissue processors
Sakura Film (4740) coverslipper
Olympus BX45 & 46 microscopes
Sakura Prisma & Shandon GLX, SLS & Linistat Stainers
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