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Looking ahead to the annual ACC meeting

by Sean Ruck, Contributing Editor | April 26, 2021
From the April 2021 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

There is also some mind-blowing technology coming up. There’s one called GAM (generalized additive model) which gives you the ability to take a data set generated for say, a CT, and without having to repeat the test, you can convert that into an MR image or an echo image.

HCB News: So GAM could take something in one modality and translate a difficult case into a modality where an organization has an absolute superstar available to offer expertise?
YC: Totally. But the experts for GAM aren’t sitting in universities. They’re sitting in big data mining companies. This is something that comes up in discussions with my colleagues all the time — what will be the role of doctors in the future? We will probably farm out the low-level things to machine technology and add more value to the high-end tasks. We’ll probably be concentrating on things that make a big difference to the patient rather than spending as much of our time acquiring or interpreting images.

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