Dr. Tim O'Malley

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Dr. Tim O'Malley

iMedrix Mobile Cardiology hires CEO
March 04, 2021
Dr. Tim O'Malley
MILPITAS, Calif., Jan. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Tim O'Malley, has joined iMedrix Inc. manufacturer of KardioScreen, the world's first medical-grade mobile cardiac monitoring device, as its new Chief Executive Officer. Mr. O'Malley joins the firm from EarlySense Inc., where he was their President and Chief Growth Officer.

"We are pleased to welcome Tim O'Malley to iMedrix at this important time in our history. Having now recieved US Food and Drug Administration 510K clearance for our KardioScreen Mobile ECG system, we need an industry veteran of Tim's experience and skill to lead this company into the U.S. market," announced founder and chief scientist Srikanth Jadcherla.

O'Malley has worked in the Medical Technology Markets since the 1980s, starting his career at Siemens, where he held numerous roles, culminating after 16 years as Vice President and Division Manager of their Electromedical Products Division for North America. He subsequently served as the CEO of Medwave, a public company specializing in non-invasive blood pressure sensing technology, and ZOLL Medical, a Cardiac Resuscitation market leader, as Vice President of their hospital division.

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O'Malley joins iMedrix at a pivotal moment. The company has been active in the Asian Markets for the past few years, securing more than 50 leading hospitals and touching close to 200,000 individuals in the most varied and challenging environments. Access to healthcare long has been challenging for many of the world's populations – and especially challenging over the past year. iMedrix portends to be a catalyst to help change that, enabling near instant, affordable, and accessible cardiac data with its real time Cloud Solutions. It is estimated that its KardioScreen product has helped save approximately 2000 lives in the past year.

"With a truly Mobile ECG Platform, there is the ability to capture diagnostic grade ECGs almost anywhere and by anyone, "said Jadcherla. "This becomes especially important during Covid 19, which has made it difficult for cardiac patients to enter a hospital or clinic for diagnosis. KardioScreen will enable many of those patients to be monitored via the Cloud from safe locations, such as their home or a Post-Acute Care facility, such as an assisted living facility, without sacrificing hospital grade diagnostics.

Said O'Malley, "iMedrix takes justifiable pride in having already installed its connected cardiac care solution in more than 50 leading hospitals and clinics in multiple Asia & ASEAN markets," said O'Malley. "The exciting challenge now is to bring this remarkable – and unique – technology to the United States.

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