MedInformatix previews suite of mobile technologies at RSNA 2020

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MedInformatix previews suite of mobile technologies at RSNA 2020

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | December 03, 2020 Health IT
Los Angeles, CA – (December 2, 2020) Looking to make the delivery of healthcare more efficient in a changing global environment, health IT innovator MedInformatix today began previewing a suite of new mobile and mobile-enabled applications at the Radiological Society of North America's (RSNA) 106th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting. The IOS and Android-compatible applications, many of which are in the final stages of development, are aimed at helping radiology and other medical specialties strengthen the relationship between patients and the providers who serve them, while simultaneously helping practices increase operational productivity and profitability.

The new applications have been designed to streamline the appointment scheduling, registration, check-in, authorization and billing procedures, enabling patients and providers to securely conduct many of these functions from the palm of their hand. They also serve as an effective two-way communication tool to relay important pre-appointment and other information between patient and provider in a manner that is both convenient and safe, qualities that have become top-of-mind especially during the ongoing Covid pandemic.

"The development of this new suite is an important step in our continuing effort to introduce new technologies that enhance the practice-patient relationship, and help practices be more efficient in today's rapidly changing and competitive healthcare landscape," said Pat McGonigle, CEO of MedInformatix.

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One of the new offerings, MI Contact, is a marketing-centric app designed to help practices manage contacts and generate new leads from referring physicians.

MI Contact provides marketers the ability to chart useful pre- and post-marketing outreach notes on a certain referring group so a history can be developed to manage the relationship as it unfolds. Other features include an expense functionality to monitor marketing budgets for groups who track the amount spent per doctor or referral group. The app can also be used to calculate the approximate cost of referral, similar to the cost of customer acquisition used by sales professionals, so the practice can determine a return on its marketing investment.

Michele Jones, Chief Marketing Officer at MedInformatix, compares MI Contact to a CRM system on-the-go. "We know how time-consuming and costly it can be for practices to track and manage referral relationships. With MI Contact our goal is to bring a level of connectivity, productivity and accountability to the practice that never existed before."

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