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How historical analytics make a difference for healthcare

December 18, 2020
Health IT

Scheduled network tests
Testing the network on a scheduled basis provides IT with advance notice of any issues that could cause problems for end users. This gives IT the ability to resolve problems proactively, which is especially important for healthcare when any disrupted network performance can negatively affect patients’ health.

Tests should be run no less than once a week , and running them hourly or daily is recommended.

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Instant notifications
This is one of the best bonuses of an AI-based platform. Rather than simply monitoring and analyzing the network, these platforms can provide instant, automatic alerts if they detect any network issues - this includes because of a failed network test. Some platforms will even include root cause identification and suggested actions for resolution with the alert.

The platform can provide the alert because, thanks to its AI-engine and constant monitoring, it learns to recognize normal network behavior. If that behavior deviates in any way, the platform notifies IT for proactive, quick resolutions.

With this support, IT can focus on other mission-critical responsibilities, trusting that the network is optimized unless otherwise notified.

Historical analytics support present and future optimization
When it comes to planning strategically for the future, the most informed decisions are made with the best intelligence. That intelligence is provided with historical analytics. Facilities don’t have to view the network as a wildcard. Historical analytics provide the ability to look back in time and see how health and performance have changed and what caused the changes. Armed with this information, professionals can make the best investment decisions for the wireless network to support optimum health and performance into the future.

About the author: Roger Sands is the CEO and co-founder of Wyebot.

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