Hologic launches comprehensive Omni Suite for hysteroscopy

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Hologic launches comprehensive Omni Suite for hysteroscopy

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | November 05, 2020 Endoscopy
MARLBOROUGH, Mass., November 5, 2020 -- Hologic, Inc. (Nasdaq: HOLX), a global leader in women's health, today launched the Omni Suite, a comprehensive surgical offering designed to optimize diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy. The offering includes a versatile Omni 30° hysteroscope and innovative Omni 4K video technology to complement the company’s existing portfolio of GYN surgical solutions.

The new Omni hysteroscope offers diagnostic and operative versatility through three interchangeable sheaths ranging from 3.7 to 6 millimeters with 0° or 30° field of view options, plus a long, 200 millimeter, working length to adapt the procedure to the patient’s anatomy. Additionally, an integrated Omni 4K video system provides brilliant 4K resolution of vibrant colors, posterior illumination, and even light distribution. Providers can use the system to confidently visualize the uterine cavity during in-office hysteroscopy with the same clarity achievable in the OR. The system automatically captures and stores images with an easy to use, customizable, and programmable customer interface.

“Every product in the Omni Suite was specifically designed to address the nuanced challenges of in-office hysteroscopy and to promote clinical confidence and better outcomes for women,” said Dr. Karla Loken, DO, OBGYN, FABOOG, Head of Clinical Development GYN Division, Hologic. “Physicians seeking a reliable, customizable approach to better serve their patients during in-office procedures can now access advanced technology designed with the patient and operative efficiencies in mind.”

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The full product suite includes the Omni 30° and 0° hysteroscopes, the Omni 4K video system, and the Omni® Lok cervical seal. The Omni Suite is designed to enhance utilization of Hologic’s full GYN surgical portfolio which includes the NovaSure® endometrial ablation system, the MyoSure® tissue removal system, and the Fluent® fluid management system.

About Hologic, Inc.
Hologic, Inc. is an innovative medical technology company primarily focused on improving women's health and well-being through early detection and treatment.

Hologic, Fluent, MyoSure, NovaSure, Omni, and The Science of Sure are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Hologic, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries in the United States and/or other countries.

The Omni® 0° and 30° hysteroscopes are intended to provide viewing of the cervical canal and uterine cavity for the purpose of performing diagnostic and operative procedures. The Omni 0° and 30° hysteroscopes are not appropriate for patients who are exhibiting acute pelvic inflammatory disease or exhibit the following conditions: inability to distend uterus, cervical stenosis, cervical/vaginal infection, uterine bleeding or menses, invasive carcinoma of the cervix, recent uterine perforation, medical contraindications, or intolerance to anesthesia.

The Omni® Lok cervical seal is used during a hysteroscopic procedure to minimize liquid distention media leakage from the cervix. The Omni Lok cervical seal should not be used in a patient with a contraindication to hysteroscopy.

The Omni® 4K video technology is indicated for use in diagnostic and operative endoscopic procedures to provide illumination and visualization of an interior cavity of the body through either a natural or surgical opening. The Omni 4K video technology is indicated for use with a compatible Omni 4K camera head and other accessory devices including an endoscope, optical coupler, and light cable.

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