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Getting ahead in HTM

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | May 27, 2020
From the May 2020 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

In some cases, a BMET may discover that their core interests lay outside of the conventional health technology management department and seek a transition. Interfacing with other groups in the hospital is a great way to build up those relationships.

“I have seen [HTM] open doors in hospital administration, OEM administration, healthcare sales and marketing, non-healthcare technology industry, and many more,” said Helton.

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There’s no “I” in HTM
A successful BMET requires more than just education and a willingness to learn and grow. According to McGeary, some of the best traits you can have are a positive attitude and, more importantly, the ability to admit when you make mistakes.

“Taking the time to understand why an approach you suggested isn’t the best solution to a problem and using that guidance from experienced leaders as constructive criticism will really help you grow as a professional,” she said.

Also, don’t be afraid to communicate your frustrations when they arise. Every team member knows what work-related stress feels like because they have also experienced it at one time or another. McGeary suggests that by being open about those experiences and feelings, an HTM department strengthens the trust among its members and develops a team mentality that will benefit them as they face new challenging scenarios together.

Sudhakar Nagavalli
“The first trait that any BMET wants is a positive approach or positive attitude,” said Nagavalli. “You need to be inquisitive, and also cultivate team spirit. One has to understand that they can only do so much as an individual but the team can do so much more.”

Another useful skill is the ability to communicate problems and important news in a clear way that makes colleagues and superiors think constructively on how to approach different scenarios.

“The most inspiring and well-rounded professionals know how to work with and lead others using leadership and interpersonal skills,” said Helton. “This requires much more than being the best at performing your daily tasks.”

Hunter asserts that in addition to working well on a team, anyone entering the HTM field should exhibit a sense of self-reliance and be able to address problems and accept challenges as opportunities to help others.

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