CEIA USA launches MSDW, superior ferromagnetic detection solution

CEIA USA launches MSDW, superior ferromagnetic detection solution

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Aegys is pleased to announce the latest Ferromagnetic Detection Solution from CEIA global leaders in metal detection, safety and security solutions. CEIA solutions are featured in airports around the world as well as security applications, military solutions, pharmaceutical, cargo and various food industries screening:

The MSDW solution provides:

Superior false alarm rejection

The best diagnostic nuclear imaging systems, parts and service available

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Localization alarm zone indicator for rapid ferrous threat detection – including 5 unique zones

Due to volume / global distribution - the CEIA MRI FMD MSDW solution end user cost is significantly less than any competitor in the MRI ferromagnetic detection market

Utilizes an app that’s easily installed on a phone or tablet to quickly and easily change detection sensitivity / alarm type / data logging – management reports

Extremely easy install – requires only minutes instead of hours like the competition

The smallest footprint on the market – no need to move switches or buttons around the MRI door like other products

The only FMD solution with POE saving significant $$$ on pre-electrical work

Tech Support 24/7

BT device capabilities

Contact Aegys today to learn more about this exciting, new solution!


Anna Srb


March 02, 2020 10:03

I am sure MRI Safety industry would be interested to know where CEIA MRI FMD MSDW been tested/evaluated, as well as which hospitals or medical centers have utilized this technology. Your response will be greatly appreciated.

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