Re-sterilization the key to duodenoscope market in 2020, says GlobalData

Re-sterilization the key to duodenoscope market in 2020, says GlobalData

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Flexible-video duodenoscopes now dominate this scope market, having taken over from fiber-based variants, and non-video scopes are mostly obsolete, says Globaldata, a leading data and analytics company.

Eric Chapman, Medical Devices Analyst at GlobalData, comments: "In December 2019, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it had approved the first fully disposable duodenoscope, manufactured by Boston Scientific. The scope, referred to as the EXALT Model D Single-Use Duodenoscope, was given Breakthrough Device Designation as it is the first and only single-use duodenoscope on the market approved in the US.

"The EXALT Single-Use Duodenoscope will be safer to use, since this device will not need to be reprocessed. Traditional duodenoscopes are used on multiple patients and need to be sterilized between uses. Improper sterilization can result in the spread of infection with detrimental outcomes to patients. This is especially true for duodenoscopes, because they have many small parts that are difficult to clean."

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GlobalData estimates that the global market for duodenoscopes was worth over $360m in 2019, with positive growth expected over the next ten years.

Chapman continued: "The introduction of Boston Scientific's EXALT single-Use Duodenoscope in 2020 is expected to act as a major disruptor to the duodenoscope market, resulting in a rapid rise of Boston Scientific's market share. Companies that manufacture duodenoscopes should expedite research and development related to the ease of re-sterilization, so that they can remain competitive."

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