With MULTIX Impact Siemens Healthineers improves both access to high-quality X-ray imaging and patient experience

With MULTIX Impact Siemens Healthineers improves both access to high-quality X-ray imaging and patient experience

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Siemens Healthineers is pleased to announce that the MULTIX Impact, an innovative floor-mounted radiography system, is licensed by Health Canada. It offers excellent value for money and makes access to high-quality imaging technology much easier. The intuitive to use operating system and modern wireless detectors used by the MULTIX Impact optimize clinical processes in radiography by improving both productivity and patient experience.

For many healthcare providers, radiography is a core element of their clinical services, and as a day-to-day interface with referring physicians, it is essential to the success of their facilities. And many patients, in turn, have their first contact with a hospital when they need to undergo an X-ray. Opting for digital X-rays and efficient access to high-quality clinical images, and the associated optimization of patient care are therefore vital factors in maintaining the good reputation of the institution in question.

MULTIX Impact creates a positive patient experience with its modern, welcoming design. The elevating table and free-floating flat table top make it easier and less painful for the patient to access the system, which is specifically important for injured or immobile patients. With the new system technicians can remain at the patient’s side for most of the time, because all examination parameters can be changed directly on the tube touchscreen. The optical camera allows technicians to monitor and correct patient positioning from the control room. This may reduce the number of retakes necessary and thereby lessen the dose per requested image.

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The new radiography system also offers an intuitive user interface and graphical organ program selection. Both features enable technicians to work faster and with more confidence. A positioning guide integrated in the tube touchscreen and the acquisition workstation helps especially less experienced technicians to position the patient correctly when performing uncommon examinations. With its motorization and advanced tracking features MULTIX Impact reduces the physical effort of the staff.

With the preconfigured organ programs the imaging parameters and the post-processing settings are adjusted automatically for each examination. This minimizes errors, reduces dose and accelerates workflows in the daily routine. Together with the fast image-flavour adjustment it results in repeated and high-quality output.

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