MEDraysintell releases its new Early Stage Radiopharmaceuticals Report

MEDraysintell releases its new Early Stage Radiopharmaceuticals Report

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MEDraysintell is adding a new report & directory to its Nuclear Medicine yearly report, Early Stage Radiopharmaceutical Projects. This report focuses on molecules that have been discovered recently, still in preclinical stage or just entering clinical Phase I, and which show a potential to become of high interest for investors.

Among all radiopharmaceuticals under early stage of development and research/development platforms that could be acquired within the next couple of years, MEDraysintell made a selection of 200+ molecules among thousands of them, based on market interest and chances of success. With this new report, in addition to the original Nuclear Medicine Report which was split in two separated documents, one dealing with drugs on the market, the other describing the drugs that have entered clinical stage; MEDraysintell is now offering a set of three reports aiming at providing an exhaustive review of the global nuclear medicine landscape.

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 MEDraysintell Nuclear Medicine (Part 1) - MARKETED RADIOPHARMACEUTICALS - Edition 2019
 a complete document reviewing the market dynamics on a global basis, along with an exhaustive description and analysis of radionuclides and marketed radiopharmaceuticals, including the comprehensive profiles of companies active in nuclear medicine around the world.

 MEDraysintell Nuclear Medicine (Part 2) - CLINICAL RADIOPHARMACEUTICALS - Edition 2019
 a comprehensive document providing an exhaustive description and analysis of radiopharmaceuticals presently under clinical development, i.e. for which clinical data are available, completed with the detailed profiles of all companies developing these products around the world.

 MEDraysintell Nuclear Medicine (Part 3) - EARLY STAGE RADIOPHARMACEUTICALS - Edition 2019
 a document providing a detailed description of selected radiopharmaceuticals under preclinical/early stage development, as well as a comprehensive profiles of all companies developing these new tracers and drugs.

The three reports & directories together encompass some 2,300 pages with an exhaustive description of more than 670 products, together with a comprehensive profile of nearly 280 companies around the world and with over 1,500 bibliographical references and their Web links.

About MEDraysintell
MEDraysintell is a team of international experts providing first-rate strategic intelligence in nuclear medicine, radiotherapy, proton therapy and brachytherapy. We offer the most comprehensive set of reports and directories, with around 3,300 pages of unrivaled intelligence covering some of the most exciting healthcare technologies using radiation for diagnosis and treatment. We offer client-specific intelligence in the field of radiation healthcare, with the upmost knowledge leveraging our extended network of worldwide contacts. We are proud to support numerous companies globally, helping them to better understand the markets, the competitive environment as well as the potential of merger and acquisitions (M&A) and technology development. We have repeat satisfied clients operating in the field of medical radiation, investment banks and institutional investors, large international consulting firms and university research laboratories. MEDraysintell was created in 2013 by Paul-Emmanuel Goethals and Richard Zimmermann. It combines over 70 years of experience in radiation healthcare.

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