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Cardiology occupies a unique space in medical informatics

by John W. Mitchell, Senior Correspondent | July 02, 2019

Coleman said his cardiology imaging informatics began about four years ago when the system's leadership decided it was time to digitize the cardiology imaging workflow. This was due to a combination of reasons, ranging from the sunsetting of legacy systems to the need for better efficiencies across their many hospital and clinical sites. Their strategy for creating a cardiology imaging system, which recently rolled out in one location and will go system-wide in 2020, was much different than for the radiology system. He offered several key considerations:

1: As part of a transition strategy, consider how to build a system to allow transition across many modalities/users/sites, all quickly.
2: As part of a transition strategy, have a plan to ensure studies are available in the legacy and new systems.

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3: As part of a transition strategy, ensure there is no impact on patient care.
4: As part of financial consideration, the costs of development and testing of complex integrations should be considered.
5: Carefully consider vendors. Cardiac projects tend to be based on a “deconstructed” model requiring up to four or five vendors who must be able to work together.

Above all, said Coleman, be sure the system is constructed for the right reason - patient lives depend on the outcome.

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