Reducing telemetry overuse by improving med-surg monitoring

Reducing telemetry overuse by improving med-surg monitoring

May 28, 2019
Patient Monitors
From the May 2019 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

Michael Maylahn
Telemetry is the hospital’s biggest blocked artery, pulsing with patients and beeping monitors. The consequences of tele-overuse are manifold, including ED congestion, nurse burnout, and a steep financial toll. To reduce this overuse, med-surg must regain physician trust and improve monitoring, while reducing nurse burdens. Smart monitors present an ideal solution, mitigating med-surg inefficiencies by generating predictive trends and offering critical vitals data. If hospitals don't proactively invest in renewing clinical faith, they put their survival at risk – much like Bookshop Number Two.

About the author: Michael Maylahn is the president and founder of Stasis Labs.

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