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Q&A with AHRA president Angelic Bush

by Sean Ruck, Contributing Editor | July 17, 2018
From the July 2018 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

The second initiative is building appropriate resources within the AHRA for our military-trained imaging leaders and members. As a military-trained X-ray technologist and leader myself, recognizing the transitional challenges of a military-trained imaging leader to civilian operations is important to me. Remember, the mission of the AHRA is to provide tools and resources for imaging leaders. Knowing the unique ways our membership come to their positions is important to building the right tools.

AHRA recently launched the “AHRA Military Community” in our online forum, Connect. This gives military members, both retired and on active duty, the venue to share insight and ask questions in relation to the military and transitioning into the civilian sector. The reception to this forum community has been amazing! We had over 100 discussion posts created within 24 hours of the launch! As a result from some of those discussions, we will be hosting a military gathering at the AHRA 2018 Annual Meeting, and we’re inviting all local area military imaging leaders to join, as well as offering those who show up in their military uniform on Monday, July 23 free one-day passes to attend the conference. That’s what AHRA does, we build relationships and provide the tools to help people become more effective imaging leaders.

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Finally, while this wasn’t something I knew I’d be championing, Ed’s retirement announcement has created the need to champion our CEO search. We want to make sure we do that in a very professional and forward-thinking manner. We have formalized a search committee, they’re going to identify and work with a search firm to find the best individual to lead our association for the challenges of tomorrow.

HCB News: What are the biggest challenges facing your members today?
AB: It seems like almost every survey our members answer, the same challenges tend to come up. The top one isn’t unique to our association of course. That’s the increased need to be cost-effective in a declining reimbursement environment.

Right now, two of the big things that will change our environment completely are analytic informatics and artificial intelligence. I’m personally very interested in data and I believe analytics informatics is going to be a game-changer in how we come up with innovative operational ideas. My feeling is that analytic informatics will probably become its own modality, now that we have EMRs that can pull out and aggregate multiple fields outside of the traditional start time/end time/final report time, and we can start correlating our imaging studies to overall hospital financials, reimbursements, patient diagnosis. I think once we start slicing and dicing and looking at data that way, we might find some pearls of wisdom from an operation side that if we tweak a bit, we can make an overall difference not just at an operational level, but at an organizational footprint level.

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