Q&A with Dr. Satoshi Minoshima, incoming President of SNMMI

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Q&A with Dr. Satoshi Minoshima, incoming President of SNMMI

by Sean Ruck, Contributing Editor | June 22, 2018
Molecular Imaging
Dr. Satoshi Minoshima
From the June 2018 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

HealthCare Business News recently spoke with Dr. Satoshi Minoshima, professor and chair of Radiology and Imaging Sciences at the University of Utah, to learn the latest about the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, and to get his take on the overall state of nuclear medicine today.

HCB News: What inspired you to get involved in healthcare?
Dr. Satoshi Minoshima: It was quite natural. I grew up with a father who was a surgeon. He had a clinic in Tokyo, and I saw how he worked with, cared for, and treated his patients – daytime, nighttime, phone calls, and house visits. Healthcare or patient care was very close to me. He took care of patients right up to two months before he passed away. I asked him once why he didn’t stop working. He was extremely dedicated to his patients. I wanted to follow his path.

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HCB News: How did you connect with SNMMI and get involved to the level you’ve reached today?
SM: I have been a member of the SNMMI for 30 years. I became a member when I was a resident. I was fortunate to be involved in various councils and committees in the SNMMI and chaired several committees. I met many extraordinary people in the SNMMI who became my mentors. The field of imaging is still young. Roentgen discovered the X-ray in 1895. Curie coined the term radioactivity in 1898, an entire discipline was founded less than 100 years ago. Since it’s a new field, there’s lots of technology coming in and new value being established. Nuclear medicine and molecular imaging is one of the most exciting fields in medicine. These efforts have been supported by the SNMMI communities.

HCB News: What initiatives will you focus on during your time as president?
SM: When I was a president-elect in 2017, we created the SNMMI Value Initiative. This framework set our societal strategic plan for the next five years. I would like to continue to promote the value of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging for better patient care through high-quality practice, research and discovery, the workforce pipeline, outreach, and advocacy.

It’s all a holistic kind of initiative. For example, in the quality of practice, we are focusing on developing appropriate use criteria for better integration of imaging in patient care. For research and development, we’re looking to help investigators and industries in their discovery and translation of new technology into clinical practice. Our Industry Alliance group is serving a critical role by providing a way to make new technologies and value available to the patients. For the workforce pipeline, we’re redefining the future of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging training with stakeholders. I have a strong and capable leadership group in the SNMMI to guide the Value Initiative, and a multitude of efforts will be moving forward during my presidency.

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