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Defibrillators Product Showcase

May 12, 2017
From the May 2017 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine
Defibtech Lifeline ECG
The Lifeline ECG is a multi-mode AED sophisticated enough to meet the needs of the most demanding professional rescuers and health care providers. It can display the ECG of the patient’s heart rhythm or present a full-color interactive video display, always with text and voice prompts. A rechargeable battery is available. A one-touch status screen provides up-to-the-minute device and its components information. Rx only.

Defibtech Lifeline ARM Automated Chest Compressor
Portable unit with removable compression module that is an adjunct to provide mechanical compressions when effective manual CPR is not possible. Single piece rigid frame and backboard prevent unwanted flexing during operation and maintain a consistent compression depth and rate in compliance with American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines (depth of at least two inches, and rate of at least 100 per minute). Rx only.

Defibtech Lifeline AUTO
The Lifeline AUTO is a fully automated one-button operation defibrillator that analyzes heart rhythm and, if recommended, automatically delivers a shock without intervention. With speed and simplicity, the user is directed via text, progress lights and step-by-step voice prompts. The highly visible yellow casing has a roomy handle and rubberized surfaces. Lightweight, durable and field upgradable with an eight-year limited AED warranty. Rx only.

The fully automatic LIFEPAK CR Plus AED combines easy two-step operation with simple, effective guidance. The ClearVoice™ audio prompt technology enhances sound quality for better clarity in loud and chaotic environments. Featuring the same advanced technology used by emergency medical professionals — yet simple to use — LIFEPAK CR Plus electrodes transfer to other LIFEPAK® defibrillator/ monitors, offering continuity of care. Also available in a semi-automatic version.

HeartSine® samaritan® PAD 450P AED
Semi-automatic AED. For further information, please contact Physio-Control at 800.442.1142, or visit our website at www.physio-control.com.

HeartSine® samaritan® PAD 360P AED
Fully automatic AED, also available in a semi-automatic version, the HeartSine samaritan PAD 360P. For further information, please contact Physio-Control at 800.442.1142, or visit our website at www.physio-control.com.

ZOLL R Series Monitor/Defibrillators
ZOLL’s resuscitation platform is designed to promote consistent, high-quality CPR and high-current defibrillation for adults and pediatrics. The technologies included in our R Series® Monitor/Defibrillators include Real CPR Help® to provide real-time feedback on compression quality, See-Thru CPR® to reduce pause time by filtering the CPR artifact and EtCO2 to signal the earliest changes in patient condition. ZOLL offers its customers more than just a way to deliver a shock. We offer tools to help improve CPR quality, which improves outcomes.

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