Testing equipment product showcase

Testing equipment product showcase

May 05, 2017
Acertara Acoustic
Laboratories Active-Z
From the May 2017 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine
Acertara Acoustic Laboratories Active-Z
Active-Z is a novel approach to testing diagnostic ultrasound probes. A hand-held point of measurement device that is smaller than a digital voltmeter (DVM), Active-Z measures the complex impedance of the connection (circuit) from any given pin of the probe connector to the corresponding individual element within the array of the probe.

Acertara Acoustic Laboratories

Acertara Acoustic Laboratories Aureon
Aureon is a new technology to more completely understand the functionality of a diagnostic ultrasound transducer by directly imaging the acoustic energy emitted from the surface of the transducer under test in real time. The Aureon device uses exclusive 2-D matrix technology that allows for the capturing of energy profiles of all types of probes, including the latest 2-D matrix arrays.

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Acertara Acoustic Laboratories

Acertara Acoustic Laboratories AmpSafe
AmpSafe is the most advanced diagnostic ultrasound electrical leakage safety tester on the market today. With features and functionality that far surpass competitive products, like storing up to 50,000 reports and being able to transfer reports to a PC through a USB connection, Amp-Safe™ is easy to set up and use.

ATS Laboratories
Ultrasound Phantoms

ATS Laboratories Ultrasound Phantoms
ATS provides ultrasound phantoms for routine performance monitoring, training and in-process production testing of imaging systems and transducers. Custom-designed phantoms are available.
Multipurpose phantoms exceed ACRTechnical standard.

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