Letter from the Editor – Back in the saddle again…

Letter from the Editor – Back in the saddle again…

September 18, 2015
Robert Garment
From the October 2015 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine
Let’s flash back to early 2007… Imagine you’re now in lower Manhattan, up on the 25th floor in the conference room of a leading Internet company (aka DOTmed) and a plan is being hatched: “Let’s create a dynamic new print magazine focused on the underserved business end of the health care industry.” “And let’s design it for the top decision-makers in the industry.” “All in favor, say ‘aye.’” And thus, our magazine was born.

The first issue rolled off the presses in April of that year, and the rest, as they say, is history. And now history repeats itself — after a fashion. The original editor-in-chief of our original magazine was yours truly. I served ably in that capacity for almost a year and our magazine started to find its voice and audience. So much so, that we were soon able to turn over the reins to a new editor, while I returned to my other duties.

Our publication continued to grow and prosper. We beefed up the staff, improved the content, and under the long-term editorial leadership of Sean Ruck, we became an anchor publication in the health care industry. About two years ago we adopted the name, “HealthCare Business News” to accurately reflect that what we cover isn’t about DOTmed. It’s about what matters to you, to your career, and to our industry as a whole.

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Now HealthCare Business News runs like a well-oiled machine, and the people on our news team have made it easy for me to get back into my management position — this time as executive editor. We still have Sean Ruck as contributing editor, and the new kid on the block, Glenn Kalinoski — who joined us a few months ago — is our editorial director. So we have plenty of managerial firepower to go around.

And let me also mention Gus Iversen, our online news editor. He does a great job every day of finding and reporting on the top news stories coming out of the health care industry. That’s why dotmed.com/news should be a page you bookmark and visit every day. We also run the top online news stories from the past 30 days in this magazine every month. In fact, those news highlights are so informative, I call that section, “What You Need To Know.” Because if it’s news that the industry’s decision makers can’t do without, we make sure it’s available for everyone to read.

So going forward, you will now see me penning the “Letter from the Editor” each month, and behind the scenes I’ll be making sure that we put out a quality publication that is always worth your time to read from cover to cover.
Now… “Giddyup!”

Robert Garment
Executive Editor

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