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January's new product showcase

January 25, 2013
From the January 2013 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine
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FlightPlan for Liver
GE Healthcare recently received FDA clearance for
its advanced imaging tool, FlightPlan for Liver.

GE Healthcare’s FlightPlan for Liver helps interventionalists plan their liver embolization procedures. The physician simply selects the tip of the catheter and a hypervascular tumor on a 3D image, and lets the software highlight the vessels traveling from the catheter to the lesion’s vicinity. The highlighted vessels can then be used as a 3D roadmap with the Innova Vision application, and superimposed on the live fluoroscopic image to help the doctor guide the catheter into the target artery.
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FireCR Dental Reader
3DISC Imaging has launched a compact, affordable computed radiography system for the dental market designed to provide rapid, high-quality reading of reusable dental imaging plates. With its small footprint, the FireCR Dental Reader fits seamlessly into even the most space-challenged dental offices and exam rooms, improving productivity and optimizing chairside time with patients.

The reader is DICOM 3.0 compatible with existing systems and uses reusable bite-wing and intraoral imaging plates that are easier and faster to position than intraoral digital sensors. Importantly, a true size 4c imaging plate is available, so technicians don’t have to use software stitching to combine images from two size 3 plates-a cumbersome and inefficient process.
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Dynamic DR, Fluoroscopy Multi-Use Solution
Viztek’s innovative and versatile new Dynamic System manages a variety of fluoroscopy sub-types, including gastrointestinal, pediatrics, injections, tomography, arthrography, interventional radiography, urogenital, and DSA. In static mode, the machine delivers ultra-fast throughput of high-quality DR images in five seconds. It offers the world’s most advanced DR technology and features a 17” x 17” panel that provides a large field of view and eliminates the need for panel rotation.

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