Integrity Medical Systems Inc., a DOTmed 100 Rated Company, Is a Star Refurbisher in the US and Worldwide

Integrity Medical Systems Inc., a DOTmed 100 Rated Company, Is a Star Refurbisher in the US and Worldwide

by Barbara Kram, Editor | June 06, 2006
David Denholtz, CEO

Integrity Medical Systems, headquartered in Fort Myers, Fla., specializes in refurbished and new diagnostic imaging and bone densitometry equipment and parts. The company prides itself on testing and warranties to OEM standards and they even provide national service contracts on bone densitometers.

"A lot of people buy and sell equipment. We sell almost everything from stock. We don't really broker equipment. We try to control the product from start to finish," said Integrity CEO David Denholtz. "We control every aspect of the transaction and we offer a turnkey product to the end user whether that's somebody in the United States or overseas or another dealer who has an end-user customer. We stand behind what we sell. We sell everything with a warranty. And we have parts for nearly everything we sell in stock."

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It sounds like an upright business model that's just right for the used medical equipment industry. "When I first entered the business in 1988, there were a lot of cowboys out there and I wanted to differentiate ourselves and say we have specific standards we try to live by and work by and that's reflected in the business."

Integrity Medical Systems also has one of the largest inventories in the country --16,000 square feet packed with equipment. "We keep a little bit of everything in stock. We have usually one or two MRs, three or four CTs, mammography, C-arms, ultrasounds, and a lot of bone densitometers--70 to 80 densitometers in stock at all times," Denholtz said.

The company's business is about evenly divided between U.S. and International markets.

"I see our business continuing to grow at about 25-30 percent a year based on cuts in reimbursements in the US. Overseas there are always markets that are developing, getting stronger, there are always markets overseas that are fading a way a little bit. But there will always be a market for refurbished equipment. You can count on that."