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The June Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine

Features and Industry Sector Reports

Ensuring quality with patient simulators
Tech tips: Utilizing patient simulators to generate qualitative and quantitative data.
SNMMI talks about promoting radiation dose optimization
Following proper procedure ensures the benefits of molecular imaging outweigh the risks.
"Big Data" comes to medical imaging
Get ready: diagnostic imaging will surpass 1 exabyte of data in three years.

Q&A with Dr. Frederic Fahey
The SNMMI president gives a hint of what to expect at this year's show.
Q & A with Dr. Raymond Geis
The SIIM chair recaps his first year and plans for the remainder of his tenure

Regulating your PET
Practice management for PET
Dose reduction: Better safe than sorry
Special report on trends and tools in CT radiation safety.
Special report: Will molecular imaging deliver on its promises?
Breakthroughs and challenges in the industry.


Future Of...

The future of . . . medicine
David Goldhill on ways to save America's "catastrophic" health system

This Month in Medical History

Harold Gillies, father of plastic surgery
This month in medical history, June 17, 1882.
Disaster response
Letter from the online editor for June 2013.
Q&A with Baylor University Medical Center president
John B. McWhorter III talks challenges and solutions.
Payers and providers should come together in the cloud
But tech won't change everything.
June's New Product Showcase
This month's roundup of the latest industry products.
Q&A with OHSU's Dennis Minsent
The director of Clinical Technology Services talks about Oregon Health & Science University's award-winning IT program.