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Epic backing off Google, urging hospital customers to oppose HHS data-sharing rules

CEO Faulkner asks healthcare executives to sign on in opposition

Four struggling Chicago hospitals propose $1.1 billion merger

Consolidating into single facility with up to six local care centers

Over 40 percent of U.S. physicians feel burned out, says survey

Almost 50 percent willing to take a pay cut for better hours

Chuck and Gena Norris dismiss lawsuit against gadolinium makers

Had alleged contrast agents made Gena ill

Former radiology director sues Mercy Medical for more than $75k

Gender discrimination and harassment, unequal pay

MR procedure volumes in the US reached all-time high in 2019

IMV survey finds that usage jumped 8 percent over previous year to 42 million

American College of Physicians endorses 'Medicare for All', public option

'We can and must imagine what a better health care system looks like, and be committed to attaining it'

Medical professionals feeling unprepared for data-driven healthcare, says survey

Nearly one-fifth of physicians and residents would consider changing careers

Google feels heat over medical record market quest: WSJ

Report highlights missteps in effort to become a health data leader

MGH performs five heart transplants using post-circulatory death donors, most in US

Addressing unmet demand for heart donors with the Transmedics Organ Care System