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Cyber Security

Healthcare cyberattacks drive mortality rates 20% higher
Nearly 90% of IT personnel saw an average of 43 attacks in the last year
Baxter's Sigma pumps at risk for hacking, data leaks
Vulnerabilities were discovered in April by Rapid7
TechGate Auto by Aegys
TechGate Auto is an advanced warning system for controlling access to the MRI room
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Cybercriminals threaten to expose PHI from over one million records in Texas
OakBend Medical Center shut down its communication and IT systems
US healthcare organizations have faced close to 5,000 breaches since 2009
More than 342 million medical records affected
Cyberattackers shift targets, breach style against healthcare providers
EMR-related breaches rose to nearly 8% in H1 2022
How prepared are you for a cyberattack?
Insights from Matt Murren, CEO of True North
US recovers $500,000 stolen by North Korean hackers who targeted US providers
Attackers extorted or used money to launder ransom payments
HIPAA violations, data breach cost Oklahoma University nearly $900,000
Compromised information of almost 280,000 patients
Three best practices to secure healthcare systems and the IoMT
Insights from Tamer Baker, vice president of global healthcare at Forescout
UPMC settles 2020 data breach lawsuit for $450,000
Hackers stole data on 36,000 patients from hospital law firm
Hospital tracking tool leaks sensitive data to Facebook, potentially violating HIPAA
Meta Pixel shared information that risks revealing individual identities
Shield Health Care Group cyberattack impacts over two million patients
Provides MR, PET/CT and ambulatory surgery services at 30 New England locations
Providers see 94% hike in ransomware in 2021
Often pay ransoms to get back sensitive data
Geisinger to run medical systems, applications on AWS cloud environment
AWS will help Geisinger advance AI and machine learning workflows
Three key steps to securing clinical assets
Insight from David Phillips, service marketing leader for customer services at Philips Healthcare North America