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Aventura Medical - Providing Quality Service & Equipment Call: 877.288.2493

BVI Unit problems? BVI unit says “Calibration Due”? BVI probe won’t pick up at all? Worry no more, Aventura can solve it all! We're capable of calibrating your unit & fixing your probe! We also sell BVI units, batteries, BVI chargers & carts.

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Choice Medical Systems - Leading DIAGNOSTIC ULTRASOUND Company in the USA

Offering PRE-OWNED RECONDITIONED ULTRASOUND EQUIPMENT, a complete line of ULTRASOUND supplies, & a variety of financial packages to meet every physician's needs. Our reputation is your guarantee. Call 800.368.9337

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ACUSON Sequoia 512 Shared Service For Sale

Siemens Acuson Sequoia 512 Rev 12, Shared Service, flip up Flat Panel Monitor, CPS Card & Gen Img, Cadence, Cadence2, DICOM Print & Store, DTI (Doppler Tissue Imaging), GI Auto Doppler, MIS/MIF,... view more

July 10  

ACUSON Sequoia 512 Shared Service For Sale

NEW Siemens Acuson Sequoia 512 Shared Service, rev 12.2, Flat Panel Monitor with Articulating Arm, Advanced Sieclear Spatial Compounding, Clarify VE, Coronary Flow Reserve, DICOM Store & Print,... view more

July 10  

Top preferred ultrasonic board repair service-Everest Medical

10 years experienced repair engineers team, repair Alpha 6/7/10, F31/F37/F75, Avius/Preirus, Arietta 60/70, HD11/HD15, CX50/EPIQ, Logiq P5/P6, Logiq E9/Vivid E9, X300/X700, S2000/S3000, Contact, let us help!

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ACUSON Sequoia 512 Shared Service For Sale

Siemens Acuson Sequoia 512 Shared Service, Rev 12.2, CPS General Imaging, CPS Capture, Cadence Trig Burst, Clarify VE, DICOM Print & Store, Dynamic TCE, Freestyle Compounding, GI Auto Doppler,... view more

July 10  

ACUSON Sequoia 512 LCD For Sale

Calc Data to MO, Color Doppler, MO Drive 3 1/2", OB/Gyn Calculations, Power Doppler/Angio (CPA/CDE), PW Doppler, Tissue Harmonics Imaging (THI/NTHI), Vascular Calculations. Comes with a Standard 30... view more

July 10  

ACUSON Sequoia 512 CRT For Sale

Calc Data to MO, DICOM Bulk Storage, DICOM: Print, Driving Experience 7, Dual Linear, Extended Trigger, IC10V5, MO Drive 3 1/2", Modality Worklist, Native TEQ, OB/Gyn Calculations, PW Doppler, Third... view more

July 10  

ACUSON Sequoia 512 Vascular - Small Parts Ultrasound For Sale

Acuson Sequoia 512 Year of manufacturing: n/a Software: 12.22 Features: B-Mode M-Mode PW-Doppler CW-Doppler Cine Loop Transducers: Acuson 4C1 Curved Array Transducer Acuson 8L5 Linear... view more

July 08  

Shared Service Ultrasound - All Major Brands

Most popular ultrasound machines in stock and ready to ship. Contact us today to learn more. Please call 704-940-4067. We look forward to helping you!

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ACUSON Sequoia 512 Shared Service For Sale

Nice unit in good condition includes EV-8C4, 4C1 and 4V1... view more

July 08  
Mike Laffey / Castle Systems, Inc.
phone: +1 (440) 918-9933
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July 08

Asking Price:
$2,500 USD

America's Most Trusted Source For Ultrasound Equipment

Highest Quality New /Used / Refurbished Ultrasound Transducers, Probes, and Parts. Expertly Reconditioned Ultrasound Systems. We Buy Probes Daily! Click *right here* or CALL Today! 888-768-6310 or International 615-382-5353

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ACUSON Sequoia 512 OB / GYN - Vascular Ultrasound For Sale

Acuson Sequoia 512 ultrasound, version 7.2 with 3 probes: Acuson 15L8 Acuson 4v1 Acuson 8L5 and Sony 895 recordr. Good working and cosmetic condition. PLEASE call us before any TRANSACTIONS. ... view more

July 01  

ACUSON SEQUOIA 512 Shared Service For Sale

2006 ACUSON SEQUOIA 512 with flat screen monitor. Total Six probes included: EV-8C4, 4C1, 6L3, 15L8W, 4V1C, 4V1. Color Doppler, shared service system with general radiology, cardiac & vascular. ... view more

June 18  

ACUSON Sequoia 512 Unit For Sale

This listing is for an Acuson Sequoia 512 Ultrasound. It comes with Flat Panel LCD, 3V2c, 15L8w, 4V1 Probes. It is in excellent condition. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. In stock... view more

June 08