Used STORZ LOT LOT O/R Instruments Um zu verkaufen - DOTmed Angebotseintrag #2555058:
STORZ LOT O/R Instruments for sale STORZ LOT O/R Instruments for sale STORZ LOT O/R Instruments for sale STORZ LOT O/R Instruments for sale STORZ LOT O/R Instruments for sale
STORZ LOT O/R Instruments for sale STORZ LOT O/R Instruments for sale STORZ LOT O/R Instruments for sale STORZ LOT O/R Instruments for sale STORZ LOT O/R Instruments for sale

Um zu verkaufen STORZ LOT LOT

  • Asking Price :$2,500.00 USD
  • Ziostand : Used - Good
  • Qty. Available : 1
  • In Stock : Yes
  • Date : February 11, 2020

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Listing: #2555058

  • Condition: Used - Good
  • Brand: STORZ
  • Type: O/R Instruments
  • Model: LOT
  • MPN: E2331
Karl Storz Microsurgical Ophthalmic Instrument lot!


1- 67 Corneal Scissors
1- E2331 Jameson Muscle Forceps Right
1- E2330 Jameson Muscle Forceps Left
2- Muscle Hook
1- Desmarres Lid Retractor Size 2
1- Curved Knife
2- E552
1-E0543L Hook Fixation Twist Right?
7- E146 22g Tips
1- Wright Fascia Needle & Forcep Set (2-Pieces)
1- N3355 Knife
1- E2076
2- E1888s Harms-Tubingen Tying Forceps Straight
1- Forcep
2- E4414 Troutman Alpha-Chymotrypsin Cannula 25g
2- E1475 Gill Curved Iris Forceps with Serrations
1- E550 Ophthalmic Surgical Hook
1- E1654 Lester Fixation Forceps 1 x 2
1- E604 Smith Expressor Hook
1- E649 Gills-Welsh Lens Loop with Olive Tip
2- E592 Graefe Strabismus Hook 9mm
1- E704 Culler Iris Spatula
1- E2410 Jameson Caliper
2- E730 Johnson Spatula
1- E4082 Cook Eye Speculum Pediatric
1- E4072 Mellinger-Eye Speculum Fenestrated
2- R
2- L
1- E3843 Barraquer Needle holder 10mm Moderately Curved Fine Locking
3- Curved Tips
1- MVS1600A Frag Needle
2- Knife Straight
1- E319212
1- E1796 Castroviejo Suturing Forceps 0.12mm
1- BD 23 Tip
1- E4951 Atkinson Retrobulbar Needle 23 Gauge
1- E144-27 Tip
2- E1476
1- E4073 Mellinger Eye Speculum
1- E1975
1- E3797 Needle Holder 9mm Curved Meduim Locking
1- E3320/R Westcott Tenotomy Scissors Curved Right
3- E3366 Barraquer Iris Scrissors
1- E5008 Schepens Orbital Retractor
1- E2514 Ehrhardt Lid Forceps
4- Bowman Lacrimal Probes
1- E7418 Sterilization Tray
1- E4220 PRB Lach Intubation
3- Bowman Lacrimal Probes
1- E2525
1- 18/8
2- E3207-45 Maumenee Corneal Forceps Colibri Style 45 Degree
1- 2-800 England A.W. Brown Nucleus Cracker
1- E4007 Maumenee-Park Speculum
1- N1691-54
1- E781
1- E1831 Paufique Suturing Forceps
1- E3482 Tenotomy Scissors Angled Right
1- E3483 Tenotomy Scissors Angled Left
1- E4064 Knapp Eye Speculum
3- E1686 Troutman Superior Rectus Forceps
2- E588 Green Strabismus Hook
1- E2400
1- E397
1- E396 Gill Corneal Knife Curved
1- E182
1- E153 Von Grafe Surgical Knife
2- E606 Osher Nucleus Manipulator Straight
1- E2500 Berke Ptosis Forceps
1- E2504 Berke Ptosis Forceps
1- N1690-7 Rosen Knife-Curette
1- E3347 McPherson-Vannas Curved Iris Scissors
1- E1795 Castroviejo Fixation Forceps
1- E5490
2- E1969 Wilson Vitreous Foreign Body Forceps
1- E2520 Snellen Entropion Forceps
1- E2521 Snellen Entropion Forceps
1- E2522 Snellen Entropion Forceps
1- E2523 Snellen Entropion Forceps
1- Osher Internal Caliper
1- E3215 Polack Double Corneal Forceps Colibri Style
1- Castroviejo Marking Caliper Curved 10
1- Castroviejo Marking Caliper Curver 14
1- E1926 S Harms-Tubingen Tying Forceps, Straight
1- E1926 C Harms-Tubingen Tying Forceps, Curved
7- E141-2S Kelman Cystotome Knife Sharp
2- E4951 Atkinson Retrobulbar Needle 23 Gauge

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