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This Item is no longer available.
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This Item is no longer available

Click here to see the 25 Equipment Listings matching 'SIEMENS Espree Wide Bore MRI Mobile' on DOTmed

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  • July 24, 2017
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Item Summary for SIEMENS Espree Wide Bore MRI Mobile


Siemens Magnetom Espree 18 Channel 1.5T
Equipment Description


Espree magnet
• 1.5T actively shielded (5th generation AS technology)
• 18 channel
• Short 49” (1.25m) bore system length
• 70cm x 70cm inner bore diameter;
• Un-obstructed bore, with lighting and ventilation
• Patient table with 550 lbs weight capacity and lowers to a mere 19” from floor
• Patented external interference shielding (E.I.S.) for on-the-fly correction of moving metal
• Advanced 2nd order shim hardware, resulting in high homogeneity capabilities
• 10-year Helium cryogen transfill period potential Z-engine gradients
• 33 mT/meter amplitude (per axis)
• Slew Rate performance: 100 T/m/sec (per axis)
• 45cm x45cm x30cm imaging Field of View (30cm FoV in Z-axis direction only and can be >30cm).

Syngo operating platform
• SYNGO Microsoft Windows XP operating platform and user interface
• Dual 3.06 GHz (x2) CPU Intel Pentium-4 processors
• 1002 images per second FFT reconstruction rate (256x256, full k-space, full FoV)
• 3773 images per second FFT reconstruction rate for partial FoV
• 73 GB on-line disk storage for patient data (110,000 images @5122 , uncompressed)
• Simultaneous background reconstruction for workflow optimization
• CD-R Dicom re-writeable image storage
• Color LCD thin flat screen 18” monitor
• English keyboard and mouse
• Operator console table and computer housing
• Patient communication
• DICOM 3.0 compliance: Storage, Send, Receive, Query/Retrieve, Archive, Print
• DICOM 3.0 worklist for RIS/HIS integration
• VPN high speed modem capability for remote diagnostics

76X18 RF subsystem
• Integrated Panoramic Array (IPA) with 10 coil ports for simultaneously connectivity
• 76X18 Exclusive Tim RF Matrix coil phased array technology
• Digital RF with 8 high speed independent channels accepting up to 32 coil elements from multiple coils simultaneously
• IPP stepping table for peripheral runoff examinations and multiple exams on same patient

Imaging coils
• 12-channel Matrix phased array Head coil
• 4-channel Matrix phased array Neck coil
• 24-channel Matrix C/T/L spine coil
• 16-channel Matrix phased array Neuro-Vascular IPA array coil
• 12-channel Matrix phased array Body/Torso coil (6x2 elements-Anterior & Posterior)
• CP-quadrature Extremity coil (knee/ankle/foot)
• Phased array Shoulder coil
• CP-quadrature Flex coils (small & large)


Software applications
• Advanced Angio package including: 2D/3D Time of Flight and Phase Contrast, dynamic CE-MRA techniques and protocols, Time Resolved Imaging technique.
• Advanced Turbo package: True FISP, HASTE, VIBE & Single shot imaging
• Cardiac imaging sequences and protocols
• 7 imaging suites with numerous routine to advanced applications and protocols
• Echo Planar Imaging package including diffusion and perfusion imaging sequences.
• Diffusion imaging (b-values up to 10,000 sec/mm2 )with automatic inline calculations including ADC maps and Trace images
• VIBE breath-hold for parenchymal and angiographic evaluations
• PACE (1D & 2D navigator echo) for free breathing techniques
• IPAT plus software capable of Parallel Acquisition factors up to 12
• REVEAL: Body Diffusion Imaging for breast, spine, pelvis, or abdomen with free-breathing (2D PACE).
• CARE Bolus real-time visualization of contrast enhancement
• 2D/3D Medic sequences
• 2D/3D TSE RESTORE sequences
• MIP-angiography, MPR-reformation, SSD-surface shaded display
• Fat or Water saturation
• Fat or Water excitation
• 3D Shim technique, to customize local shimming to area of interest for highest homogeneity and signal-to-noise
• Composing s/w tool to “stitch” multiple Fields of View stations together
• Phoenix protocol importing tool

Patient security straps
Patient positioning sponges and pads
Table/Desk/PC tower container
Medrad Spectris Solaris Injector
CA Label
Fire Detection System
Siemens Certified Mobile Trailer



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