New ALLIED HEALTHCARE EMT Manual Resuscitator Um zu verkaufen - DOTmed Angebotseintrag #2421811:

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ALLIED HEALTHCARE EMT Manual Resuscitator for sale
ALLIED HEALTHCARE EMT Manual Resuscitator for sale

Um zu verkaufen ALLIED HEALTHCARE EMT Manual Resuscitator

  • Asking Price :$487.08 USD
  • Ziostand : New
  • Quantity : 5
  • Date : July 20, 2019

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Listing: #2421811

  • Condition: New
  • Type: Manual Resuscitator
  • Model: EMT
  • MPN: L576
The Allied Healthcare EMT Resuscitator is an advanced, oxygen-powered, manually-triggered breathing device. It delivers 100% oxygen to patients, allowing emergency personnel with versatility and a reliable performance over existing hand-held devices.Warranty: 1 Year.The Allied Healthcare EMT Resuscitator can be attached to a pressure-regulated oxygen cylinder or other oxygen source, and can be fitted with an mask, tracheotomy tube, or endotracheal tube. It triggers airflow manually with breaths, at a flow rate of up to 115 lpm. It will also maintain a pre-set flow of 40 lpm, per the AHA guidelines, to prevent gastric insufflation.The Allied Healthcare EMT Resuscitator features anti-asphyxiation ports built into the design, allowing patients to breathe outside air in the event of oxygen source failure. In addition, a 360° swivel oxygen inlet prevents twisting and tangling lines. The rest of the design is easy to clean,, and easy to disassemble when not in use. It€™s also lightweight and compact for transportation.FeaturesAllied Healthcare EMT Resuscitator FeaturesEasily disassembles for cleaning and maintenance.Oxygen powered resuscitation.Compact and durable for harsh environments and emergency situations.Compatible with a mask, endotracheal tube, or tracheotomy tube.360° swivel oxygen inlet stops twisting or tangling lines.SpecificationsAllied Healthcare EMT Resuscitator SpecificationsSupply Pressure: 50±5 psig (344±34 kPa).Pressure to Initiate a Breath: 0 to -2.5 cm H2O. Manually Triggered Flow: 40±5 lpm at 50 psig (344 kPa) supply.Demand Flow: 100 lpm at 0 to -5 cm H2O pressure.Peak Demand Flow: 115±10 lpm at 50 psig (344 kPa) inlet; -5 cm H2O or less to obtain 100 lpm.Pressure Limit: 60±5 cm H2O.Secondary Pressure Relief: 65-80 cm H2O maximum.Expiratory Resistance: less than 2.5 in. (6.35 cm) H2O @ 160 lpm flow.Anti-Asphyxiation Entrainment: 55 lpm minimum at -5 cm H2O pressure.Storage Temperature: -40° F to 160° F (-40 C to 71.1 C).Operating Temperature:-30° F to 125° F (-34.4 C to 51.7 C).Inlet Fitting: Standard male oxygen DISS (swivel).Filter: 25 micron wire mesh.Outlet: 22 mm outside diameter x 15 mm inside diameter.Materials: Body, Cap and Button - liquid crystal polymer; Outlet - polysulfone; Inlet fitting - plated brass.ConfigurationPackage WeightShipping WeightShipping Dimensions#L5760.65 lb (0.29 kg)0.85 lb (0.39 kg)7" x 5" x 5" (17.8 cm x 12.7 cm x 12.7 cm)#L576-0101.5 lb (0.68 kg)2 lb (0.91 kg)12" x 9" x 7" (30.5 cm x 23 cm x 17.8 cm)#L576-0201.75 lb (0.79 kg)3.2 lb (1.5 kg)16" x 16" x 6" (40.6 cm x 40.6 cm x 15.2 cm)ConfigurationsAllied Healthcare EMT Resuscitator Configurations#L576: EMT Resuscitator.#L576-010: EMT Resuscitator with 6' (1.8 m) oxygen hose.#L576-020: EMT Resuscitator with 6' (1.8 m) oxygen hose and adult cuffed mask.AccessoriesAllied Healthcare EMT Resuscitator AccessoriesThe Allied Healthcare EMT Resuscitator is commonly purchased with:Adult Cuffed Mask, reusable, size 4 (Standard) or 5 (Large).6€™ Oxygen hose with DISS fittings.LiteratureAllied Healthcare EMT Resuscitator LiteratureAllied Healthcare EMT Resuscitator Brochure
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