Refurbished INTERACOUSTICS AC33 Audiometer Um zu verkaufen - DOTmed Angebotseintrag #1968804:

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INTERACOUSTICS AC33 Audiometer for sale INTERACOUSTICS AC33 Audiometer for sale INTERACOUSTICS AC33 Audiometer for sale
INTERACOUSTICS AC33 Audiometer for sale INTERACOUSTICS AC33 Audiometer for sale INTERACOUSTICS AC33 Audiometer for sale

Um zu verkaufen INTERACOUSTICS AC33 Audiometer

  • Asking Price :€2,500.00 EUR
  • Ziostand : Refurbished
  • Quantity : 1
  • In Stock : Yes
  • Date : September 05, 2019

Item Description

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Listing: #1968804

  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Type: Audiometer
  • Model: AC33
  • MPN: AC33
  • Amperage: 50_60Hz
  • Power Supply Voltage: 220-230
  • S/N: 005014
  • Warranty: 30 Days
The AC33 is an advanced clinical audiometer with high frequency capability. It features preprogrammedand automated testing with an LCD screen to make testing easier. The AC33 comes standard with high frequency audiometry, multi-frequency, MLD, built-in free field amplifiers and more.

The true independent channels of the AC33 make it stand above other audiometers. The AC30 lets you simultaneously present different frequencies to opposite ears. This flexibility allows for tests like the MLB but more importantly for complex signal mixing situations like speech in noise simulations.

Test frequencies can be set in 1/24 octave increments up to 20 kHz. This makes the AC33 ideal for tinnitus measurements and ototoxicity monitoring.

Speech Display

A tabular display for speech testing allows for quick data entry of SRT, multiple word recognition test scores with a variety of transducer selections. Two buttons on the front panel enable you to quickly score the tests and enter them into the display. All masking information is provided automatically. An alternate speech audiogram display is available for calculation of the PBI.

Pre-Programmed Tests

• Loudness Scaling for direct comparisons with standard curves for normal perceived loudness.

• Auto Threshold test follows the Hughson Westlake

• Békésy evaluations and more

• Threshold Tone Decay works automatically in a time window of up to 420 seconds. The test results are automatically calculated.

• SISI test includes a familiarization feature and automatic score calculation.

• Masking Level Difference (MLD) test offers a mixture of phase controlled tone and noise stimuli for testing retrocochlear function and CAPD.

• ABLB has its own dedicated screen where any recruitment can be shown in a clear, graphical manner.

• Monaural Loudness Balancing (MLB) is included for evaluating recruitment in binaural

hearing losses.

The Interacoustics AC33 Includes:

•Power Supply
•TDH Headphones
3A Insert Phones
•B-71 Bone Oscillator
•Patient Response Switch
•Talk Back Mic
•Monitor Headset
•Pure Tone Testing
•Speech Testing
•Air Conduction
•Bone Conduction
•Free Field Testing (speakers not included)
•Built in Microphone for speech testing
•Bright LCD Screen
•Ability to connect a printer or PC
•Current Calibration Certificate!
•30 Day Warranty!!

*For an additional cost, we can also supply free field speakers, CD Player or MP3 Player with recorded speech tracks.

This unit is in great shape and ready to be plugged in and put to use. We will calibrate the unit before we ship it. Please let us know if you have any questions about this unit or any of our other listings. Thanks for visiting!!
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