Gettysburg Cancer Center joins OneOncology

June 21, 2021
GETTYSBURG, Pa, and NASHVILLE, Tenn., June 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Gettysburg Cancer Center (GCC), with clinics in Gettysburg and Hanover, PA, will join OneOncology, the national platform for independent community oncology practices, OneOncology announced today. By joining OneOncology, Gettysburg Cancer Center will remain independent and have the capital, technology and expertise to grow into the premier cancer care provider in Pennsylvania.

Gettysburg Cancer Cancer is the latest practice to join the OneOncology platform

"OneOncology gives us the best path to continue to bring our patients advanced cancer care," said Satish Shah, MD.
Gettysburg Cancer Center is led by Satish Shah, MD, who has practiced in the community for more than 25 years and run more than 100 clinical trials throughout his career.

Gettysburg Cancer Center offers patients comprehensive medical and radiation oncology care, including a robust clinical trial program. GCC currently has 17 patients enrolled in 14 open clinical trials. As part of the OneOncology partnership, GCC will join OneR, OneOncology's clinical trial network. OneR will enhance GCC's clinical trial program with scale and resources to bring additional innovative therapies to patients in Pennsylvania.

"OneOncology gives us the best path forward to continue to bring our patients in Central Pennsylvania advanced cancer care and to grow our clinical trial program," said Satish Shah, MD. "Working with other leading oncology practices across the country who share our vision for delivering the highest quality care in the community setting is what sets OneOncology apart."

GCC currently has three medical oncologists, one radiation oncologist and four full-time staff dedicated to clinical research. In advance of going live on the platform, OneOncology's physician recruitment team has already grown the number of providers on staff by adding an additional medical oncologist, radiation oncologist and two advanced practice providers, all of whom will start this fall.

GCC's expansion plans include offering additional services along the continuum of cancer care in their Gettysburg and Hanover clinics as well as bringing additional independent oncology practices into GCC and onto the OneOncology platform.

"Gettysburg Cancer Center is known as a leading clinical practice, making them a perfect fit for OneOncology," said Jeff Patton, MD, CEO, OneOncology. "We look forward to bringing resources and expertise to our colleagues at GCC to help the practice grow and provide additional services along the continuum of cancer care for their patients."

With the addition of GCC, there are now more than 600 providers on the OneOncology platform caring for approximately 280,000 patients annually at 189 sites of care across the country.

About OneOncology
OneOncology is the national platform for independent community oncology practices working together to improve the lives of everyone living with cancer through a physician-led, data-driven and patient-centric model. OneOncology is comprised of leading community oncology practices representing more than 600 providers practicing at 189 sites of care across the United States. To learn more, visit or LinkedIn.